X Men S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Slave Island

Original Airdate: 02-13-1993

Hello all my X rated fans. It’s I The Vern and I sure missed you a whole bunch these last few days while I was gone.  Did you all have a good labor day weekend to go out and enjoy this nice weather before fall hits.  You did, well that is just awesome.  A few of The X-Men including Storm, Jubilee and Gambit decided that a break also sounded like fun.   So they decided to head on out to this Island that supposedly accepts mutants.  But before they can apply that sunscreen and take a dip in the pool. They are attacked and are captured by Sentinels. Will they be forced to participate in several lame camping activities to win a merit badge or will Cyclops and the rest of the team find them before they haft to endure arts and crafts hour. Continue reading X Men S:01 E:07


X Men S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Cold Vengeance
Original Airdate:  02-06-1993

Well, hello again X-fans  and X-friends.  It is I The Vern.  The only writer at Chanel Superhero whose mutant ability is that he can drink drink Irish whiskey while being only Norwegian.  When we last left our mutant friends.  Wolverine’s jealousy of Cyclops and Jean Grey have become just too much and he just had to leave.  The man does have the powers to heal quick while in a fight, but he doesn’t have the one that helps fix a broken heart.  Oh and Gambit, Storm and Jubilee star in their very own 80’s comedy when they visit a resort.  What kind of shenanigans can three wild young superheroes get into on the beach?  Read on to find out. Continue reading X Men S:01 E:06

X Men S:01 E:05

Episode Title:  Captive Hearts

Original Airdate:  01-30-1993

We have seen The X-Men battle the likes of Magneto and Sabretooth, but in this episode. We get to see two of these great heroes battle a foe that will be the demise of them both.  The love of another woman.  In particular I’m speaking about Wolverine and Cyclops and their love for Jean Grey.  Not that I blame them, I too have a fondness for redheads as well.  I’ll get into that love triangle a little later as well as talk about the joys and pain of one of the members being used as a sex slave.  But let’s get to the meat of this episode, shall we. Continue reading X Men S:01 E:05

X-Men S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Deadly Reunions.

Original Airdate: 01-23-1993.

Well, dear readers, we reach another week, and that can only mean one thing.  It’s time to start look at another episode of X-Men:The Animated Series.  When we last visited our mutant friends.  They had just defeated Magneto from using nuclear weapons and Professor X had taken in Wolverine’s swore enemy Sabretooth in for some treatment.  What sort of plans will Magneto unleash upon our heroes and will  Charles Xavier be able to calm down the rage of Sabretooth.  Let’s find out. Continue reading X-Men S:01 E:04

X-Men S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Enter Magneto

Original Airdate:  11-27-92

Hello X-Fans. We are back for another exciting entry into the X-Men The Animated series.  What new adventures await are mutant friends.  Well, when we last left our heroes.   Beast was being captured by the Sentinels because of the break in to the Mutant Registration Building and is being held to be put on trial. Will The X-Men break him out or will Beast be able to pass his bar exam in time for the trial.  Let’s not sit around like Professor X (too soon?)  and get going with this week’s  adventure. Continue reading X-Men S:01 E:03

X-Men S:01 E:01 and 02

Episode Title: Night of The Sentinels. Parts 1 and 2
Original Airdate: 10-31-92

Hello everyone and welcome back to my coverage of X-Men: The Animated Series.  Night of The Sentinels would be the show’s pilot episode and for a kids show.  It does manage to  have some pretty heavy subject material in the first few shows  With concepts ranging from concentration camps in the holocaust to sacrificing your own life to save a friend.  This first one does reference stories from previous issues of the comic.  Such as the creation of The Sentinels(Uncanny X-Men #14)  and the mutant registration act(Uncanny X-Men #181).  The look and design of the characters themselves are almost identical to the ones artist Jim Lee drew in the 90’s.   Let’s cue up that awesome theme song and start discussing this first entry.

Continue reading X-Men S:01 E:01 and 02

X-Men: Introductions

X-Men The animated Series was on the Fox Kids network from October 1992 to September 1997.  Now, for most people.  Their love of comic books happened around the same time as the movies that were released.  Well in the 90’s, there wasn’t much of a choice.  Seriously the only good ones at the time were Batman, Superman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now having read a few issues of X-Men before seeing the show.  I was very excited to see my favorite heroes in action but I was afraid they wouldn’t live up to how I saw them act in my mind.  Well  each character is represented pretty well and some do a much better job then the live action version in 2000..  Each week I’m going to cover episodes from the five seasons of when the show aired. Continue reading X-Men: Introductions