X-Men S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Deadly Reunions.

Original Airdate: 01-23-1993.

Well, dear readers, we reach another week, and that can only mean one thing.  It’s time to start look at another episode of X-Men:The Animated Series.  When we last visited our mutant friends.  They had just defeated Magneto from using nuclear weapons and Professor X had taken in Wolverine’s swore enemy Sabretooth in for some treatment.  What sort of plans will Magneto unleash upon our heroes and will  Charles Xavier be able to calm down the rage of Sabretooth.  Let’s find out.X-Men Ep 4 Professor X is seen going into Sabretooth’s mind.   Showing him things from his past life that have tormented him in the past.  Cyclops mentions the battle between The X-Men and Magneto and how he feels that the mutants are more superior then humans.  Professor X wants to pinpoint when Magneto will attack another human populated area.  They find out about a chemical plant and go there to stop him. Magneto proves to be all to powerful as he basically bitch slaps every one that tries to fight him.  Cyclops gets knocked the F___ out and Rouge has to revive him.  This causes a small complication because now she has obtained his powers and has Laser Pink Floyd shooting out of her eyes. Storm’s mutant powers to control the weather are now match for our villain, because he has a big large wall fall on her.  This not only breaks her back but her mind as well.  We even get a nice flashback to a traumatic event in Baby Storm’s life.  It’s here when Professor X makes an appearance to start doing anything.  Geeze, talk about your late entrance.  So whilst old friends are getting reunited.  Let’s look in on Jubilee and Sabretooth back at headquarters.   After disagreeing with Senator Robert Kelly’s plan to run for president and his mutant concentration camp.  Jubilee notices a cut on one of  Sabretooth’s arms and decides to free it so she can help heal it.  This turns out to be a very bad idea as she is grabbed and attacked.  Looks like old Sabretooth was working with Magneto to get inside the school and was only pretending to want the Professor’s help.  Mind Blown, people.  I was not expecting that little twist.  Luckily Wolverine forgot his car keys and was around for him to get the drop on his old buddy before he got the drop on Jubilee.  Back to “My Monday with Magneto”.  Our two old friends are battening it out with mind waves  and other awesome sound effects to show a psychic feud.  Magnus throws some things at the Professor and does some serious damage.  But just like The Oscars, Charles shows him images from The Holocaust and wins the battle.  The X-Men make it back to see Sabretooth betray the school and kill Wolverine.  However this time, it’s Jubilee who saves the day.  The episode ends with Magneto plan to start his own bowling league and with Professor X never allowing something like this to happen again.

X-Men Episode 4.3This was kind of a weak episode.  The battle the X-Men and Magneto had wasn’t anything that exciting and am I wrong.  But I thought the helmet that Magnus wore stopped Charles’ psychic attacks.  It was kind of cool seeing Rouge’s mutant ability in action and I’m glad that Jubilee was more active too.  I felt the battle between Sabretooth and Wolverine was lacking that kind of excitement when two characters finally get there chance to fight.  I am glad that Wolverine doesn’t win and that they have the chance to fight again.  I just thought their first encounter lasted too quick and maybe it should have.   I may be just too damn impatient in wanting to see comic book characters duke it out.  I should instead be seeking out ways these two can come to deal with their problems.  Who knows, maybe they well and maybe Magneto can join up with the X-Men and take on a real enemy.  Walt Disney.  No, wait, wait.  I was only kidding who are you?  Where are you taking me.  Help!!!!..Help!!!…  How are you able to have me type these words too?  I’ll be back dear readers. Hopefully.



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