Heroes Reborn S:01 E:04

Episode Title: The Needs of the Many
Original Airdate: 10-8-15

Before starting to watch Heroes Reborn, I intended to go through most of the first season of Heroes again in order to prepare. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it nearly as far as I originally thought I would be able to, but there were a few things that I have noticed even just from refreshing myself with those first few episodes. And one of those elements of the show I had already forgotten about until I re-read my recent review of the original first episode. It’s a little disappointing to see that the ratings for this show haven’t been as strong as they were when this show was still new, as I’m quite fond of this show compared to, say Gotham. But this episode continues to develop some of the mysteries while dangling several others just out of reach.
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Heroes Reborn S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Under the Mask
Original Airdate: 10-1-15

It’s time to take another look into the return to Tim Kring’s Heroes universe that combines the old cast in with a new generation of heroes. As far as the ratings on the show goes, it’s tough to say whether or not it’s doing what they expected, it’s doing significantly better than Constantine did last season, but it’s doing a bit better than the last season of Heroes did, especially when you add in one of the largest time-shifted viewership for any network shows this year. I’m still very much into the mystery aspect of the show that leaves many unanswered questions alongside all of the interconnected characters and new powers.
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Heroes Reborn S:01 E:01 & 02

Episode Title: Brave New World & Odessa
Original Airdate: 9-24-15

The Heroes have been reborn, both as a new generation of Heroes but also as a new series on NBC. I think it’s interesting that in several places this is considered a “mini-series” at 13 episodes, which is the same as a full season for cable shows and for any show that starts out in the mid-season without the added nomenclature. For my own part, I watched the first two seasons of Heroes when they aired, or at least the first season and a half, and came back to watch the final half of the fourth season which I did enjoy. And I have gone back to re-watch the first season again, and while I didn’t actually make it very far into the season, what I did manage to watch helped refresh some of the early moments of the show and revealed a similar structure to the great first season. This new season introduced a lot of new heroes and saved many of the returning faces for later in the series.
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