Jessica Jones Season 1 Round-Up

So here it is, my final round-up for the first series of Jessica Jones. First thing to say, it’s been great reviewing the show for Channel Superhero, I hope to continue doing reviews for the site in the future. As I stated in the first of these reviews, I had no knowledge of Jessica Jones prior to watching the show, although I’ve been making myself aware of the history of the character as I’ve been watching the show. I always think that the strength in anything based on a comic character is that it should make you want to keep watching even if you’ve never heard of the character and I have to say that Jessica Jones has more than succeeded. This is easily better than the first season of Daredevil in terms of the Marvel Netflix shows and I have to say, it’s one of the best parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. Continue reading Jessica Jones Season 1 Round-Up


Jessica Jones S:01 E:13

Episode Title: AKA Smile

Original Air Date: 11/20/2015

Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighbourhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of his powers against Jessica.

So here we are, the final episode of Jessica Jones. Have to say it’s been a great series so far but if they didn’t stick the landing, the work of the rest of the show would have been for naught and I’m pleased to say this is another incredibly strong episode of the show. Continue reading Jessica Jones S:01 E:13