Arrow S:04 Ep:22

Episode Title: Lost in the Flood

Original Air Date: May 18, 2016

You’d be forgiven for assuming Lost in the Flood was a reference to HIVE’s plan to wipe out the planet with their scorched Earth plan. In actuality, the flood was referring to the numerous tears of the Smoak ladies.

Yes, somehow Arrow managed to make its penultimate episode mostly about Felicity and her time-killing family issues. With Curtis along to fanboy out over watching it all unfold. I almost feel like Curtis’ squeal of excitement is the response the writers envision as they crank out these overbearing Felicity scenes. Continue reading Arrow S:04 Ep:22


Arrow: S:04 Ep:21

Episode Title: Monument Point

Original Air Date: May 11, 2016

With only two weeks until the season finale it’s up to Team Felicity to figure out some way to stop Damien Darhk and HIVE from carrying out their plan to wipe out all of humanity. Good thing Felicity has an archer on her squad. Continue reading Arrow: S:04 Ep:21

Arrow S:04 E:20

Episode Title: Genesis
Originally Aired: May 4, 2016

If it weren’t for a very surprising and unexpected resolution to the Diggle brothers’ storyline, this week’s show would have been an outright mess. That’s bound to happen when the emphasis shifts to a pair of unwelcome tropes and the unneeded return of the nearly series’ crippling Olicity. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:20

Arrow: S:04 E:18

Episode Title: Eleven Fifty Nine
Original Airdate: 4-7-16

So, wow. I was completely wrong on who was getting killed off on Arrow. In all honesty, I didn’t see such a major character getting killed — assuming one of the second tier supporting characters being fair game. Curtis’ husband, Donna Smoak and maybe Quentin Lance, but to actually lose a member of Team Arrow? Pretty bold and shocking stuff. Continue reading Arrow: S:04 E:18

Arrow S:04 E:17

Episode Title: Beacon of Hope
Original Airdate: 3-30-16

Arrow tried to outdo Flash this week with a greater emphasis on humor and yuks in an experiment that reinforced The Flash is by far the best of the comic book shows on TV right now. And Arrow? Well, it needs to just stick to being a better version of Arrow than a weak copy of another show. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:17

Arrow S04:E15

Episode Title: Taken

Original Airdate: 02-24-16

Ignore the urge to lay in some lame Bryan Mills version Taken jokes and we’ll do just fine. With Team Arrow consistently struggling to take down Damien Darhk, it finally got through to Oliver it was time to change tactics and get some help. Continue reading Arrow S04:E15

Arrow S:04 E:14

Episode Title: Code of Silence
Original Airdate: 2-17-16

This season started off rough for Arrow. Instead of building up the rivalry between Oliver and company vs. Damien Darhk and HIVE far too much time was devoted to being used as a springboard for the Legends of Tomorrow spin-off.

And even then it took a while for the season to find its footing. This week was another indicator that the season is on an upwards trend as the season is getting to the nitty gritty and delivering on its promising beginning. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:14