Arrow S04:E15

Episode Title: Taken

Original Airdate: 02-24-16

Ignore the urge to lay in some lame Bryan Mills version Taken jokes and we’ll do just fine. With Team Arrow consistently struggling to take down Damien Darhk, it finally got through to Oliver it was time to change tactics and get some help.

Naturally that came after Darhk threatened Oliver and Felicity and dropped the bombshell that Oliver has a son that Darhk has nicely tucked away at home. His safe release is totally contingent on Oliver dropping out of the mayoral race and endorsing Darhk’s wife. I didn’t think the show was going to go all the way with the whole Oliver Queen/vigilante/mayor deal and this was a creative way to get out of it. One more reason Oliver has to hate Darhk.

This revelation did not lead to Olicity being in a great place and Felicity was fuming even after Oliver’s baby mama Samantha explained she was the reason Oliver never told her. I still contend that was the worst ultimatum ever since there was no way Samantha was going to know who Oliver would talked to about William.

So while Oliver placated Samantha somewhat by revealing he is Green Arrow, the rest of Team Arrow was unsure how to handle this news. Felicity did ease up on the icy eyes long enough to suggest Oliver take a different approach in taking Darhk down.

Oliver decided it was time to call in his other magic-enabled ally, Vixen. Megalyn Echikunwoke did the voice work on the CW animated web series [For more on Vixen’s show, check out Bubbawheat’s season 1 recap here.] and I was glad that was considered canon so we didn’t have to spend any time explaining Vixen’s origin, powers, etc.


Vixen proved a great addition to the live-action universe with her unique power skillset, attitude and costume. If she can’t get a spin-off herself, I’d love to see her joining up with Ray and the rest of the Legends of Tomorrow crew.

Diggle and Vixen had different opinions on how Oliver should handle parenthood. Diggle suggested Oliver be present all the time while Vixen suggested this crazy life of Oliver’s might be too much and allowing William to have a childhood was a nobler sacrifice.

With Vixen and Lance’s help (Quentin confirmed Darhk does have a totem to channel his telekinetic abilities), Oliver was finally able to battle Darhk one on one. Seeing Darhk’s smug expression vanish was priceless.

Now Darhk is imprisoned and Thea knows Merlyn gave up William to Darhk, but now what happens? Does Merlyn resume his role as principal Arrow villain or does Darhk have another ace up his sleeve? And whose body is in that grave if William and Samantha have disappeared? And will the island flashbacks ever get enough time to mean anything?

One thing’s clearer though, Felicity is tired of Oliver’s lies and half-truths. She returns his engagement ring and to add a little extra dramatic flair, the biochip in her spine activates allowing her to regain use of her legs so she can literally walk away from Oliver.

This wasn’t as strong as The Flash, but Green Arrow’s big victory paled to the damage done to Oliver Queen, which sets up the final arc of this season nicely.



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