Batman S:03 E:04

Episode Title: The Sport of Penguins
Original Airdate: October 5,1967

We’re still very early in season three of this series, and already we have our first return villain. Remember, the Penguin (as usual, played by Burgess Meredith) attempted a scheme that involved marrying Barbara Gordon back in the season premiere. Well, this time he has a different lady at his side, one Lola Lasagna, as played by singer and actress Ethel Merman. Let’s get ready for The Sport of Penguins. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:04

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:42

Episode Title: A Pig Surprise
Original Airdate: Feb 8, 1994

Those Power Rangers are always doing good things. If they aren’t saving Angel Grove from giant monsters, they’re planting trees, or recycling, or something like that. Well, this time they’re handing out animals on Angel Grove’s pet adoption day. They end up getting more than they bargained for, though, in A Pig Surprise. Continue reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:42

Batman S:03 E:03

Episode Title: The Wail of the Siren
Original Airdate: September 28, 1968

At the end of our last episode of Batman, a new villain called the Siren (Joan Collins) had made her way to Commissioner Gordon’s office to use her ability to put men under a trance with an extreme high note on Gotham’s top cop. Well our episode today picks up exactly where the last one left off. Let’s jump in with The Wail of the Siren. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:03

Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:05

Episode Title:  Life Serial

Original Air Date: October 23rd 2001

“Stop touching my magic bone!” – Jonathan

Continuing the upbeat tone of last weeks episode, here “The Trio” are continuing with their schemes against Buffy even though she has no clue of their alliance as they set about testing the Slayer using their various abilities.

Still facing money issues and an unclear future Buffy this week attempts to find some form of direction for her life first by attempting to go back to school before looking at possible career options as she takes a job as part of Xanders construction team, only to soon start showing up the other workers with the advantages her Slayer strength gives her as she lifts girders with ease. She also attempts retail work at the Magic Box only to find herself struggling to deal with a problematic mummy hand. All the while her attempts at finding normality are being interfered with by the Trio

Continue reading Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:05

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:41

Episode Title: Rita’s Seeds of Evil
Original Airdate: February 7, 1994

As we move into the second phase of the first season of Power Rangers, our heroes return to doing episodes with a bit of a message. We’re gettin’ all environmental again with the rangers setting out to plant some trees. Rita’s got a tree of her own, though, in today’s episode, Rita’s Seeds of Evil. Continue reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:41

Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:04

Episode Title:  Flooded

Original Air Date: October 16th 2001

“Are you in the wrong line? That’s for deposits, that’s for withdrawals, and this one… Is for getting kicked in the face.” – Buffy

Finally after a sluggish start to the season we finally get some semblance of normality on the show as Buffy settles back into every day life including the numerous problems which come with it as with the basement flooding, she is faced with the reality that her and Dawn or broke and with no way to raise the required funds for the repairs. At the same time Sunnydale faces a new threat in the form of “The Trio” who have summoned a dangerous demons to do their bidding.

Continue reading Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:04

Batman S:03 E:02

Episode Title: Ring Around the Riddler
Original Airdate: September 21, 1967

Though season two of Batman had plenty of highlights, the absence of season one’s most prolific guest villain, Frank Gorshin’s Riddler, was definitely felt. Lucky for us, he’s back for season three. This time he’s got boxing on his mind in today’s episode, Ring Around the Riddler. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:02

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:40

Episode Title: Doomsday Part 2
Original Airdate: November 30, 1993

When we were last in Angel Grove, the whole city was throwing a bit of a party in honor of the Power Rangers. Of course, Rita rained on that parade by unleashing a zord of her own called Cyclopsis. She also zapped all of Angel Grove’s residents into an alternate dimension. After a big battle that seemed like a victory for our heroes, Rita called upon the big blue floating head, Lokar, to reassemble Cyclopsis. Now it’s attacking the city, but the Rangers’ zords are needing a recharge. What can they do? Let’s find out in the conclusion of this story, Doomsday Part 2. Continue reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:40

Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:03

“Well, yeah. The jet-lag from hell has gotta be, you know, jet-lag from hell.” – Anya

Picking up directly from the end of the last episode with the remaining demon bikers high tailing it out of town as Buffy reunites with the Scoobies. However Buffy is still recovering from her resurrection, let alone adjusting to the changes which have happened since her death. A situation only made the worse when it appears that something came back with her.

Continue reading Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:03

Batman S:03 E:01

Episode Title: Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin
Original Airdate: September 14, 1967

We begin the third, and final, season of Batman with some big changes, while other things stay the same. We have a classic villain, the Penguin (Burgess Meredith), up to his old tricks. While that may be business as usual, we also have the arrival of a new hero in Gotham. Yvonne Craig makes her debut as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:01