Agent Carter Season 2 Recap

Season two of Agent Carter started out about as well as anyone could have asked. Unfortunately after six episodes into the ten episode season things began to fall apart. If the show returns for a third season I hope they move on from all of the writers responsible for the final four episodes except for Brant Englestein who also wrote the season premier. Continue reading Agent Carter Season 2 Recap


Agent Carter S:02 E:08 and 09

Episode Title: Episode 8 The Edge Of Mystery Episode 9: A Little Song and Dance
Originally Aired: February 23rd 2016

Agent Carter is the best comic book show that “no one” is watching, this could be due to the fact that it is only superhero adjacent instead of focused on them like the more popular shows. It could be a result of an average first season. Whatever the reason someone has for not watching season 2 it is really unfortunate, even on a night when they didn’t put their best foot forward Agent Carter is still performing well above average this year.

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Agent Carter S:02 E:06 and E:07

Episode Titles: Episode 6: Life of the Party Episode 7: Monsters
Originally Aired: February 16th 2016

Last night’s episodes of Agent Carter were a major turning point for the season. If this was a movie it would be the end of the second act where our heroes have sustained losses or been beaten back and need to regroup for a final assault on the bad guys. There are only 3 episodes left this season, another 2 hour event next week followed by the season and potentially series finale.

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Agent Carter S:02 E:05

Episode Title: The Atomic Job
Originally Aired: February 9th 2016

Atomic bombs, corporate espionage and mobsters, oh my, all of these things play a pivotal role in tonight’s episode of Agent Carter. The episode is full of danger not only for our main characters but all of Los Angeles and maybe even the world.

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Agent Carter S:02 E:04

Episode Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Originally Aired: February 2nd 2016

Ever since her first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy Carter has been well established in one organization or another and always extremely capable. Who was Peggy Carter before World War II and how did she become the fearsome agent we know her as. In tonight’s episode we begin to get answers to these questions through a series of flashbacks that contrast the origin of Peggy to that of Whitney Frost. Their experiences as children and young adults give us a glimpse of what led the two characters to eventually face off.

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Agent Carter S:02 E03

Episode Title: Better Angels
Originally Aired: January 26th 2016

The overall plot wasn’t advanced a great deal by tonight’s episode but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a great episode. It was well acted, beautifully shot, and full of references to the history of both Hollywood and Marvel Comics and it explored the depths of our main characters. The themes of racism and sexism continued to be addressed in this episode in some subtle but mostly in your face ways.

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Agent Carter S:02 E: 1 & 2

Episode Titles: 
E1: The Lady in the Lake
E2: A View in the Dark

Originally Aired: January 19th 2016

Welcome back to post World War II America and the world of our favorite Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) agent Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell). Tonight was the 2 hour premier for the second season of ABC’s Agent Carter, it will continue to air every Tuesday night for the next 9 weeks leading to the return of Agents of Shield from its winter break. There is a kind of poetry to the two shows being linked together because they seem to be following the same path. Season one has some good moments but is mostly unmet potential, and season two sees an increase in action and improved story lines. I enjoyed season one of Agent Carter but of the 10 episodes that have been televised, tonight’s episodes are first and second. There is so much that is new, things that are improved, but it is undeniably the same Agent Carter. The writers and producers took a tarnished piece of silver and shined it up really nice.
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Agent Carter Season 01

Marvel's 'Agent Carter' starring Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy

Ah parting is such sweet disappointment. Or sorrow, not sure which, but disappointment is definitely what I’m going with for the Season Finale of this Marvel ‘tie-in’ show that aired between, and acted as a filler during, the mid season break of Marvel’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ The Season– or rather Series finale, given that the show was only 8 episodes long with no word of being renewed or having plans for a second season, ended on a note that was quite a letdown. More than that, looking back at the series as a whole, provides a new perspective on a show that seemed like it was going to be something great, but ended up being quite pedestrian. Before continuing with my Season wrap-up of ‘Agent Carter’, feel free to take a look at my thoughts and expectations from the series before it aired over here.

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Agent Carter S:01 E:08

Episode Title: Valediction

Original Airdate: 2-24-15

And there it is. After a short but very interesting Season, Marvel’s ‘tie-in’ show to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the form of an 8 episode mini-series spin-off of a fan favorite character introduced in one of the movies, is at an end. ‘Agent Carter’s Season Finale nicely wraps up all loose ends and explains every tie bit and set up dropped during the course of the show. It’s a satisfying resolution to the story of Peggy Carter and her colleagues, while thematically concluding a more emotional story arc for the main character, making its title, ‘Valediction’ completely appropriate.

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