The Flash S:02 E:17

Episode Title: Flash Back
Original Airdate: 3-29-16

It’s time to go back, back to the future! Or actually the past as the Flash decides that he needs to talk to the only other speedster that he knows of who just so happens to be based back in the past. A year in the past to be exact back in season one as he visits Eobord Thawne posing as Harrison Wells during the time when he battled the Pied Piper. Though as usual, things don’t go exactly according to plan and the timeline gets changed in at least one unexpected way.
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The Flash S:02 E:16

Episode Title: Trajectory
Original Airdate: 3-22-16

Barry and co are back from their mini hiatus and are met with yet another speedster and this time it’s a lady. Meanwhile Iris has to deal with her own mini J. Jonah Jameson who also just happens to have a little crush on her, which is probably why she hasn’t been fired yet. And the show ends on one of the most anti-climactic reveals in the show’s history considering that it’s essentially just the characters finding out something that the audience already knew.
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The Flash S:02 E:15

Episode Title: King Shark
Original Airdate: 2-23-16

After last week’s doozy of an Earth 2 escape, this week the Flash and co. have to deal with all the repercussions of what they’ve gone through, what’s been lost, and what’s been left behind. And it just so happens that the thing that has been left behind is a giant killer man-shark, and they toss in Diggle for good measure just because. And of course, there’s the big reveal at the end where we finally find out who Zoom is, or at least what he looks like which raises a few more questions than answers at the moment.
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The Flash S:02 E:14

Episode Title: Escape From Earth 2
Original Airdate: 2-16-16

After last week’s cliffhanger with Barry captured by Zoom and quite possibly stuck on Earth 2 forever (though we all knew that was not really a possibility) this week’s episode finally ties all those loose threads up while creating a whole bucket of new ones. Who was the man in the iron mask? What happened to Jay Garrick? What happened/will happen to Killer Frost? But it still brought together one hell of an episode and while we may have lost one member of the Star labs team, we gained a new one.
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The Flash S:02 E:13

Episode Title: Welcome to Earth 2
Original Airdate: 2-9-16

We finally get to see Earth 2 in all its glory and it ended up being a wish fulfillment episode in the worst and best way possible. Like the best episodes, Earth 2 brought along some of the best laughs along with some really gut wrenching moments and ended on quite a bit of a cliffhanger as well as giving us some surprising information about Jay Garrick that paints his character in a whole different light.
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The Flash S:02 E:12

Episode Title: Fast Lane
Original Airdate: 2-2-16

After last week’s episode all about goodbyes, this time around the Flash family is going the completely opposite direction and finally welcoming a couple new people to their extended families after a bit of betrayal. All while having to deal with a guy who’s been stuck in tar for two years and eventually is able to use his powers to look a little like a live action Clayface.
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The Flash S:02 E:11

Episode Title: The Reverse-Flash Returns
Original Airdate: 1-27-2016

So the Reverse-Flash came back, it wasn’t the very next day but they did think he was a goner. I guess he just couldn’t stay away. Or since I’d gotten used to Tom Cavanagh I kind of like to think of this Reverse-Flash as High School Alf (Hsalf) but that’s neither here nor there. This episode is really more just about tying up some loose ends and giving Cisco a bit more to do. Not only that, but they really set him up to be. But more than that, it’s about saying goodbye. While I had hoped that this would be the episode to tie up the loose ends of the timeline, it really just pulls the string a little farther out so it can be tied up in the near future.
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The Flash S:02 E:10

Episode Title: Potential Energy
Original Airdate: 1-19-16

And we’re back into the swing of things with this first week full of CW DC shows starting off with the return of the Flash, followed by Arrow’s return today and the premier of Legends of Tomorrow, well tomorrow. This was an episode that as usual had a great mix of humor and gravitas where many characters learned a lot about each other except for the one secret that this episode was essentially built all around. Not only that, but it also ends with the return of yet another character from season one, but in a very different form.
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The Flash S:02 E:09

Episode Title: Running to Stand Still
Original Airdate: 12-8-15

It’s already come time for the midseason finale before the show takes a relatively short break before coming back alongside Legends of Tomorrow in about a month and a half. This episode is all about secrets coming out into the open as well as a few secrets that remain buried. Or another way to put it is secrets from the past coming back to haunt you. After several episodes kind of sitting it out, Zoom makes a reappearance and so does the Trickster, just in time for Christmas.
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The Flash S:02 E:08

Episode Title: Heroes of Today
Original Airdate: 12-1-15

I wonder if this will be planned to be a yearly-ish thing for Flash and Arrow to have their big crossover episode around midseason finale time. Or at least a couple episodes before midseason finale since there’s at least one more new episode of the Flash to come out next week. Not to mention that this episode, at least the first half of it feels more like the biggest part of the prequel to Legends of Tomorrow than any other episode to date. I mean, it’s even called Legends of Today, you can’t get much more clearer than that. But it was still a very fun episode that brought a lot out on all fronts. It was interesting for me to watch since I still haven’t been watching Arrow so the last time I caught up with them was the last time that Barry caught up with them.
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