Powerless S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Emily Dates a Henchman
Original Airdate: 2-23-17

While I’m still not entirely sold on either the continued reliance on Batman or the overall chemistry of the cast, I will say right here at the start that this has been my favorite episode of this show so far. It had the right mix of absurdity, comic book references, and self-deprecating humor that totally worked for me. The episode itself is pretty self-explanatory after reading the title as Emily inadvertently starts dating a henchman. Of course, not just any henchman, but one played by Robert Buckley of iZombie fame.
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Powerless S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Sinking Day
Original Airdate: 2-16-17

While this episode still has a strong feeling of antagonism between all of the characters, there is finally the start to some mutual respect and a little bit of chemistry between some of the characters. Notably Alan Tudyk’s Van Wayne and Vanessa Hudgens’s Emily. We also get to see yet another member of the Wayne family as Corbin Bernsen plays Van’s father Vanderveer Sr. Not only that, but we start to veer away from all the Batman references and have a whole episode dedicated, in a way, to Aquaman. Specifically the Atlanteans. While the rest of the R&D team don’t get much play in this episode, Alan Tudyk carries the episode with his antics. Definitely the best episode so far and it gives me hope for where the show ends up.
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Powerless S:01 E:02

Episode Title: Wayne Dream Team
Original Airdate: 2-9-17

One thing I’ve already realized about why I decided to stop writing reviews on this site was that it was difficult for me to stick to a deadline each week when my evenings end up being so busy. So here I am, several days past my self-imposed deadline to discuss this past Thursday’s episode of Powerless. I will say that the episode did minimize the amount of Batman references, and I will also say that I re-watched the first episode with my wife and there were a couple non-Batman DC references that I overlooked. This episode also focused more on the entire office dynamic in general with very little in the way of actual superheroics which was mostly relegated to the office fantasy superhero draft.
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Powerless S:01 E:01

Episode Title: Wayne or Lose
Original Airdate: 2-2-17

It feels like I’ve been away from this site for way too long despite the fact that when I stopped watching the shows I was covering, I was fully enjoying them. But the concept of Powerless, and the fact that it’s a half hour comedy has brought me back. I hadn’t watched any of the trailers and barely knew who was in it, but when I saw that it was premiering yesterday, I decided to check it out and see what it had to offer. While there wasn’t a whole lot to it, and it stuck with random superheroes and villains plus a couple Batman references, it was funny and I mostly enjoyed it, despite having some concerns over the directions when reading up on the differences between the original pilot and this one that actually went to air. Notably the fact that they dropped a large number of general DC universe references in favor of sticking Batman in yet another DC property because they just can’t get away from Batman.
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Swamp Thing S:01 E:01

Episode Title: The Un-Men Unleashed
Original Airdate: 10-31-1990

This review is done as part of the Nature’s Fury blogathon being held over at Cinematic Catharsis. I decided that since I had already covered the Swamp Thing movie, its sequel and the Marvel equivalent Man-Thing that I would take a look at the pilot of the Swamp Thing live action TV series. There was only one problem: I couldn’t find it anywhere except on iTunes. That normally wouldn’t be a big problem except for the fact that I’m not an Apple guy so that means that I only open the Windows version of iTunes once or twice a year, usually to give out podcast reviews to help out the podcasts that I listen to. It also means that when I do run it, I have to deal with updating, crashing, misremembering my password even though it says I’m signed in yet prompts me for the password at every turn, and other problems. This time around it wouldn’t let me add any billing information so I could actually pay the overpriced $1.99 for a single half-hour episode of a 20+ year old television show. So instead, I found this animated episode on YouTube.
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Gotham S:02 E:16

Episode Title: Prisoners
Original Airdate: 3-28-16

If you’re following along with these reviews as I’m writing them you might be able to tell how much I’m getting into these episodes as I’m breezing through them to try and catch up to yesterday’s new episode. Apparently I was right to a certain extent, but not quite as much as I would have thought. There was a bit of a time jump while Jim Gordon has been in prison, but it wasn’t a matter of years, merely a matter of weeks to months. It’s not entirely clear exactly how much time passed while Gordon was in Blackgate prison aside from one comment that he had spent “weeks” in there and there was a moment where they showed a snowy prison which suggests months rather than just weeks.
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Gotham S:02 E:15

Episode Title: Mad Grey Dawn
Original Airdate: 3-21-16

On Gotham I’m actually making some real headway towards catching up to today’s current episode. The biggest thing about this episode is that it features Paul Reubens as Penguin’s father, and something that I had completely forgotten about was that he also played Penguin’s father in Batman Returns. Having recently seen him in both Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday and a revisit to Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure it was a little bizarre to see him do a complete 180 and play a seemingly normal character. There’s also a little bit of penance for both Penguin and Gordon while Bruce continues to use what he learned in the previous episode in his quest to understand the underworld. Though if I didn’t know that this was still a ways away from the end of the season, I would have thought that this was a set up for a big time jump going into season 3.
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Gotham S:02 E:14

Episode Title: This Ball of Mud and Meanness
Original Airdate: 3-14-16

Finally starting to catch back up with this season of Gotham here on the site, which is weird because this season really has caught on with me as one of the best shows out there right alongside the Flash. I think it’s just a product of my mood lately where the Flash is still much more of an upbeat show while Gotham is much darker and not exactly the type of show that you just throw on with a whim. When I last checked in with Gotham, David Mazouz was well on his way to catching up with his parents’ killer, and Penguin was going through an odd series of treatments with Hugo Strange. One of these things I enjoyed, while the other I’m still not so sure of. And just a quick note, I’m taking the events in the episode at face value, I have not cheated and looked ahead at what may have happened in the previous episodes that I’ve yet to catch up with.
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The Flash S:02 E:17

Episode Title: Flash Back
Original Airdate: 3-29-16

It’s time to go back, back to the future! Or actually the past as the Flash decides that he needs to talk to the only other speedster that he knows of who just so happens to be based back in the past. A year in the past to be exact back in season one as he visits Eobord Thawne posing as Harrison Wells during the time when he battled the Pied Piper. Though as usual, things don’t go exactly according to plan and the timeline gets changed in at least one unexpected way.
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The Flash S:02 E:16

Episode Title: Trajectory
Original Airdate: 3-22-16

Barry and co are back from their mini hiatus and are met with yet another speedster and this time it’s a lady. Meanwhile Iris has to deal with her own mini J. Jonah Jameson who also just happens to have a little crush on her, which is probably why she hasn’t been fired yet. And the show ends on one of the most anti-climactic reveals in the show’s history considering that it’s essentially just the characters finding out something that the audience already knew.
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