Powerless S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Emily Dates a Henchman
Original Airdate: 2-23-17

While I’m still not entirely sold on either the continued reliance on Batman or the overall chemistry of the cast, I will say right here at the start that this has been my favorite episode of this show so far. It had the right mix of absurdity, comic book references, and self-deprecating humor that totally worked for me. The episode itself is pretty self-explanatory after reading the title as Emily inadvertently starts dating a henchman. Of course, not just any henchman, but one played by Robert Buckley of iZombie fame.


There are a couple B-stories besides the dating plot and the best one involves the team finding a Batarang lodged in one of their gadgets that was destroyed in a raid by Two-Face. The Batarang itself doesn’t really look like anything that would have been used in any movies. For one thing, it’s absolutely huge. But it does give the team an excuse to fanboy out about Batman even though it completely sidelines the fact that they’re based out of Charm City rather than Gotham city. It’s a little fanboy-frustrating how loose they play with their own canon. They are seemingly riddled (pun intended) with Batman-related villains, but they’re supposed to be their own city with their own heroes and villains like Crimson Fox and Jack-O-Lantern. Still, it’s hard to top seeing Alan Tudyk wearing a Schumacher-era Robin costume. This episode also confirms that my absolute favorite character is Jackie. She has the best mix of being helpful while acting like she wants nothing less than to help and I just love it.


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