Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:20

Last time, just as the words “To Be Continued…” appeared on the screen, giant-sized Goldar was beginning to smash up downtown Angel Grove. With Jason having returned from an alternate dimension, all five Power Rangers are back together and now ready to battle. Let’s see what happens next in Green with Evil part IV.


Barely a few seconds after the opening credits roll, Jason announces that it’s Morphin’ Time! But even before Zack can shout “Mastadon!!” there is an explosion and the lights flicker off. It seems that a power surge within in the Morphing Grid is keeping our heroes from becoming their superhero selves. Whatever will they do? Guess it’s up to Billy to try and repair the system so they can morph.


Meanwhile, Goldar is attacking the city, including the Angel Grove Youth Center. Everyone inside, including Bulk and Skull, make a run for it. The two bullies end up stealing the Youth Center bus to make their escape. However, it ends up being grabbed by the giant Goldar. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for Billy to fix the system and our heroes morph into action. But before they can deal with Goldar, they have to work their way through Scorpina and a bunch of putties. Before long, Rita has the bus dangling on the edge of a cliff and demands the Power Rangers surrender.


Back at the command center, Alpha has managed to get Zordon back…however, it’s just in time for the green ranger to sneak up behind and disable the robot. Just before the evil ranger can send Zordon off to another dimension, Alpha’s backup power kicks in and he manages to trap green boy in a force field. He doesn’t stay captured long, though, as Rita transports him out. Meanwhile, back at the battle, the rangers have created the Mega Zord and have saved Bulk and Skull. They then battle with Goldar as well as a giant Scorpina…who now looks more like a scorpion than a hot chick in a gold Xena outfit. Eventually, the green ranger joins the fight after he has grown to giant size thanks to Rita’s wand. At the same time, Rita has cast a spell to cause an eclipse, which will seriously deplete the Mega Zord’s solar-powered batteries Outnumbered and low on power, the Mega Zord is defeated. Then, the rangers are ejected out and their zords are cast into a fiery pit…destroyed! Later, at the command center, our hopeless heroes finally learn the identity of the green ranger…none other than Tommy.


Things are finally getting a bit meatier with this fourth chapter of this week-long story arch. First things first, I was really glad that we got a bit more out of Scorpina this time around. In the last episode the character showed up and fought for a few seconds before being cast aside. I knew there had to be more to the character and we definitely get that in this episode. I didn’t get, though, why when changed to giant-size she is a hideous rubber-suited monster. I thought it would’ve been cooler to see this super-sized asian valkyrie fighting with the giant robot.


Another great aspect of this episode is that Bulk and Skull actually factor into the main story and aren’t just around for comic relief. There’s a lot of humor, both intentional and unintentional, in their scenes, as well. After all, their being bounced around in a toy bus while Goldar tosses it around. What’s not to laugh at there? The thing is, though, all too often Rita’s monsters cause all this destruction around Angel Grove and yet nobody seems to be all that affected or even fazed by it. There’s no ignoring this stuff, though. Bulk and Skull officially join the Fay Wray club; gettin’ picked up and thrown around by a giant monster!

Overall this is probably the best episode we’ve seen in this five-part story arch. We’ll see if it can be topped next time in the big conclusion, Green with Evil part V.


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