Batman S:03 E:13

Episode Title: The Bloody Tower
Original Airdate: December 7, 1967

Well, it’s time to wrap up the Caped Crusaders’ adventure in Londinium. Considering how lackluster the first two episodes of this story were, I think we’re all pretty anxious to get back stateside. But first, Batgirl, who has been captured by Lord Ffogg (Rudy Vallee) and Lady Peasoup (Glynis Johns), needs saving. Let’s see what happens in the conclusion of our British adventure, The Bloody Tower. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:13


Batman S:03 E:12

Episode Title: The Foggiest Notion
Original Airdate: November 30, 1967

If you recall, our last adventure in Gotham…uh…actually didn’t take place in Gotham. We all headed off across the pond to Londinium and…actually…not a lot happened. Episode one of this three-part adventure was a whole lot of setup and not a lot of action. Let’s find out if things get better in part two of this story, The Foggiest Notion. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:12

Batman S:03 E:11

Episode Title: The Londinium Larcenies
Original Airdate: November 23, 1967

It’s not unusual for classic TV show casts to spend an episode or two visiting some far away location. The cast of I Love Lucy famously went on a trip to Hollywood. The Facts of Life went to Paris and Australia. The Brady Bunch even visited such exotic locales as the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and Cincinnati (remember the King’s Island episode?). Well, it turns out that even Batman stepped outside of Gotham City for a three-part episode during the final season. Thing is, though, they didn’t actually travel anywhere. We’re still locked in the backlot, but this time the sets play the part of the city of Londinium (not London) in merry old England. Have your passports ready for The Londinium Larcenies. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:11

Batman S:03 E:10

Episode Title: Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under!
Original Airdate: November 16, 1967

Well bat-fans, we have reached an important moment in our look at this classic show. Our episode today may be the single most memorable episode of the series. In many ways it sums up everything that is wild, wacky, and wonderful about this particular incarnation of the Caped Crusader. Appropriately, it pits our hero against his greatest foe, the Joker, whose scheme involves taking over the world of surfing. Yep, our heroes are hittin’ the waves in the classic episode Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under! Continue reading Batman S:03 E:10

Batman S:03 E:09

Episode Title: How to Hatch a Dinosaur
Original Airdate: November 9, 1967

If you recall, last time we visited Gotham, our heroes had to face not one but two villains in the form of Egghead (Vincent Price) and Olga, Queen of the Cosacks (Anne Baxter). However, they both managed to get away. We didn’t really get a cliffhanger, but we were promised their return in the next episode. Well, here they are with a brand new scheme which has nothing to do with last week’s story. Get ready for How to Hatch a Dinosaur. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:09

Batman S:03 E:08

Episode Title: The Ogg and I
Original Airdate: November 2, 1967

Of all the villains that were created specifically for this series, as opposed to first appearing in the comics, the one that seems to get mentioned the most is Egghead as portrayed by Vincent Price. He first appeared in the second season and is back again here in the third. Only this time he’s joined by a new villainess, Olga, the Queen of the Cossacks played by Academy Award winner Anne Baxter. Here they come in The Ogg and I. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:08

Batman S:03 E:07

Episode Title: Louie the Lilac
Original Airdate: October 26, 1967

If you were to ask a comic book fan which Batman villain launches schemes involving flowers and plants the answer would probably be pretty obvious…Poison Ivy. That character first appeared in the comics in 1966, right at the time that the Batman television series was originally on the air. But in 67, when it came time for a story involving botany, the producers of the show did not turn to the lovely new villainess. Instead, they created a new character to be embodied by classic comedian Milton Berle. Here comes Louie the Lilac. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:07

Batman S:03 E:06

Episode Title: The Unkindest Tut of all
Original Airdate: October 19, 1967

It’s time for the return of my favorite of all of the villains created specifically for the Batman television series…King Tut, once again played by Victor Buono. Of course, Tut is actually a Yale professor of egyptology who tends to slip into this other evil personality when clunked on the head. This time an off-screen hit in the head with a brick during a “love-in” sends him back into a life of crime. Here he comes in his penultimate appearance on the series, The Unkindest Tut of All. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:06

Batman S:03 E:05

Episode Title: A Horse of Another Color
Original Airdate: October 12, 1967

If you recall, when we last left Gotham, Penguin and his accomplice, Lola Lasagna, were deep into a plot to make big bucks with a rigged horse race. In fact, Penguin is in the middle of trying to steal a valuable book on umbrellas and parasols from the Gotham City Library in order to sell it so he has a big wad of cash to bet on the race. Let’s see what happens next in today’s episode, A Horse of Another Color. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:05

Batman S:03 E:04

Episode Title: The Sport of Penguins
Original Airdate: October 5,1967

We’re still very early in season three of this series, and already we have our first return villain. Remember, the Penguin (as usual, played by Burgess Meredith) attempted a scheme that involved marrying Barbara Gordon back in the season premiere. Well, this time he has a different lady at his side, one Lola Lasagna, as played by singer and actress Ethel Merman. Let’s get ready for The Sport of Penguins. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:04