Batman Season 3 Recap

First things first, citizens of Gotham, allow me to apologize for the delay in posting this season three recap. A busy work schedule and computer repairs conspired to delay this post. Now that things are back to normal, let’s take a moment to close out our time with the Caped Crusaders with some final thoughts on the less-than-stellar third and final season of Batman. Continue reading Batman Season 3 Recap


Batman S:03 E:26 (Series Finale)

Episode Title: Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires
Original Airdate: March 14, 1968

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. We have reached the 120th, and final, episode of Batman. The question, though, is if this series goes out on a high note or not. As we know, the third season of the series has been a bit shaky. Let’s find out what happens when Zsa Zsa Gabor is up to no good in Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:26 (Series Finale)

Batman S:03 E:25

Episode Title: The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
Original Airdate: March 7, 1968

In recent years, the lack of major films directed by women has become quite a hot-button issue. As we speak, Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig is only the fifth woman to ever be nominated for a best director Academy Award. However, though underrepresented, women have been directing movies since the dawn of film. One pioneer in the field was Ida Lupino. She had an over 40 year long career working as an actress and directed several films along the way. Today, she shows up in Gotham City as Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft in our penultimate episode, The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:25

Batman S:03 E:24

Episode Title: The Joker’s Flying Saucer
Original Airdate: February 29, 1968

We are down to the last few episodes of Batman and we have seen all the major villains put in their final appearances. That is, with one notable exception. It seems appropriate that the biggest of all of Batman’s foes should be the last iconic villain to put in an appearance on this show. We bid farewell to Cesar Romero’s take on the clown prince of crime in today’s episode, The Joker’s Flying Saucer. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:24

Batman S:03 E:23

Episode Title: I’ll be a Mummy’s Uncle
Original Airdate: February 29, 1968

This series, though known for its interpretation of several famous Batman villains from the comics, also created several new bad guys throughout its run. Without question, my favorite of all the crooks created for this series is King Tut, as portrayed by Victor Buono. We’re just a few episodes away from the end of the series, though, which brings us to the final appearance of the Yale professor who thinks he’s Egyptian royalty. Here he is in I’ll be a Mummy’s Uncle. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:23

Batman S:03 E:22

Episode Title: The Great Train Robbery
Original Airdate: February 8, 1968

When we last left Gotham City, that outlaw Shame (Cliff Robertson) was up to no good with his gal Calamity Jan and her mother Frontier Fanny along for the ride. As our last episode closed, Shame and his gang had managed to kidnap Batgirl, but Batman and Robin nabbed Frontier Fanny, who got clunked on the head with a horseshoe and left in the dust by Shame. Let’s see what happens next in today’s episode, The Great Train Robbery. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:22

Batman S:03 E:21

Episode Title: The Great Escape
Original Airdate: February 1, 1968

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the villain featured in today’s Batman episode. Shame, that modern day western outlaw portrayed by Cliff Robertson, last showed up at about the midway point of the second season. Unlike many of Gotham’s other villains, Warden Crichton has been able to keep him locked up in Gotham State Prison. We even see him at the beginning of this episode being visited behind bars by his lady Calamity Jan (Dina Merrill) and her mother Frontier Fanny (Hermione Baddeley). But Shame isn’t going to stay locked up for long. Let’s see what happens in today’s episode, The Great Escape. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:21

Batman S:03 E:20

Episode Title: Penguin’s Clean Sweep
Original Airdate: January 25, 1968

As we inch closer to the end of this series, we will begin to see the final appearances of some of the iconic guest villains this show is known for. Today we bid farewell to that waddling criminal the Penguin, as portrayed by Burgess Meredith. He’s still got one more caper up his sleeve, though, in today’s episode, Penguin’s Clean Sweep. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:20

Batman S:03 E:19

Episode Title: Nora Clavicle and the Ladies Crime Club
Original Airdate: January 18, 1968

Throughout its three season run, Batman was always a very harmless show. It never really dealt with hot topics, it was just good natured fun. Which brings us to today’s episode which, unlikely as it seems, is sure to offend a number of people. Get ready to see what happens when the women’s movement comes to Gotham in Nora Clavicle and the Ladies Crime Club. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:19

Batman S:03 E:18

Episode Title: Louie’s Lethal Lilac Time
Original Airdate: January 11, 1968

In this week’s episode, we see the return of a villain we were first introduced to earlier this season, Louie the Lilac as played by Milton Berle. I wasn’t all that thrilled with his first appearance, I gotta admit. Let’s see if things end up any better in this second appearance, Louie’s Lethal Lilac Time. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:18