Batman S:03 E:22

Episode Title: The Great Train Robbery
Original Airdate: February 8, 1968

When we last left Gotham City, that outlaw Shame (Cliff Robertson) was up to no good with his gal Calamity Jan and her mother Frontier Fanny along for the ride. As our last episode closed, Shame and his gang had managed to kidnap Batgirl, but Batman and Robin nabbed Frontier Fanny, who got clunked on the head with a horseshoe and left in the dust by Shame. Let’s see what happens next in today’s episode, The Great Train Robbery. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:22


Batman S:03 E:21

Episode Title: The Great Escape
Original Airdate: February 1, 1968

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the villain featured in today’s Batman episode. Shame, that modern day western outlaw portrayed by Cliff Robertson, last showed up at about the midway point of the second season. Unlike many of Gotham’s other villains, Warden Crichton has been able to keep him locked up in Gotham State Prison. We even see him at the beginning of this episode being visited behind bars by his lady Calamity Jan (Dina Merrill) and her mother Frontier Fanny (Hermione Baddeley). But Shame isn’t going to stay locked up for long. Let’s see what happens in today’s episode, The Great Escape. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:21

Batman S:02 E:25

Episode Title: Come Back, Shame
Original Airdate: November 30, 1966

Perhaps one of the most significant characters in the history of the Spider-Man comics is one who didn’t live to see Peter Parker become his superhero alter ego…Peter’s Uncle Ben. Actor Cliff Robertson turned in a memorable performance as Ben in Sam Raimi’s series of Spidey films. It turns out, though, that Robertson has spent time alongside DC characters as well as Marvel. In today’s episode of Batman he appears as the villainous cowboy Shame in Come Back, Shame! Continue reading Batman S:02 E:25