Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:11

Episode Title:  Gone

Original Air Date: January 8th 2002

Can we get back to freaking out about no-show Buffy? This is serious.” – Xander

Tone wise its something of an odd episode this week as we open to Buffy cleansing the house of anything Magic releated as Willow undergoes her magic detox following her hitting rock bottom in the previous episode. At the same time Buffy seems keen to clense the house of anything link to Spike as she finds his ligher in the couch and adds it to the same box as Willows magical items. To make matters worse its also at this moment that Buffy is visited by the social services who, due to Dawn’s school attendance and grades have now landed Buffy under probabation. All these events creating something of a rock bottom effect for Buffy who is next seen cutting her hair with a zoned out expression.

It’s a grim setup for the episode and one which the writers suddenly get cold feet over and instead give us an invisible Buffy storyline when its revealed that the diamond we saw “The Trio” stealing a few episodes back was part of their invisibility ray gun which they accidentally use on Buffy.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:10

“Are you kidding? It was like a meat party in my mouth… Okay, now I’m just a kid and even I know that came out wrong.” – Dawn

So after ending the previous episode on Buffy and Spike trashing a house as they hooked up while Amy and Willow embarked on a care free magic bender, this episode really comes like the unofficial second part because if anything the Buffy universe love to remind us that no action comes without its consequences and for some people they will hit home hard in this episode.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:09

Episode Title:  Smashed

Original Air Date: November 20th 2001

Help me out here, Spock, I don’t speak loser.” – Spike

On the last episode we ended on a series of goodbyes as Willow and Tara broke up and Giles returned to England. Of course Willow isn’t alone for long as she manages to “de-rat” Amy with the pair soon running wild in Sunnydale.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:08

Episode Title:  Tabula Rasa

Original Air Date: November 13th 2001

“Time is what turns kittens into cats” – Teeth

Coming down from last weeks singing and dancing extravaganza, this episode sees the group dealing with the fallout which makes sense seeing how you can’t binge on sugar without a crash. Still with the Scoobies dealing with the fact they may have pulled Buffy out of heaven, Giles planning his return to England and Spike and Buffy dealing with conflicting emotions. Still Willow believing she can solve all her problems with magic decides to cast a memory loss spell over Tara and Buffy only to instead gives the whole group magically induced amnesia just in time for the demon loan shark “Teeth” to arrive in Sunnydale to collect on Spike’s gambling debts.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:07

Episode Title:  Once More With Feeling

Original Air Date: November 6th 2001

So Dawn’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday” – Buffy

So here we are finally another of the big Buffy episodes and one of the most fondly remembered alongside “Hush” as Joss Wheldon finally got to make the all singing and dancing musical episode that he’d been trying to make since season 1. For Buffy and The Scoobies meanwhile they along with the rest of Sunnydale find themselves compelled to sing and perform big musical numbers about their day to day lives but how long is it until some major secrets are revealed?

For some reason the prospect of an episode full of singing and dancing seems to really tap into the Buffy fanverse for some reason, but rewatching this episode now much like on its initial viewing I still found this to be a highly problematic episode, let alone needless extended for what essentially is a gimmick episode.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:05

Episode Title:  Life Serial

Original Air Date: October 23rd 2001

“Stop touching my magic bone!” – Jonathan

Continuing the upbeat tone of last weeks episode, here “The Trio” are continuing with their schemes against Buffy even though she has no clue of their alliance as they set about testing the Slayer using their various abilities.

Still facing money issues and an unclear future Buffy this week attempts to find some form of direction for her life first by attempting to go back to school before looking at possible career options as she takes a job as part of Xanders construction team, only to soon start showing up the other workers with the advantages her Slayer strength gives her as she lifts girders with ease. She also attempts retail work at the Magic Box only to find herself struggling to deal with a problematic mummy hand. All the while her attempts at finding normality are being interfered with by the Trio

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:06 Ep:01

Episode Title:  Bargaining

Original Air Date: October 2nd 2001

“Oh, poor Watcher. Did your life pass before your eyes? Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea.” – Spike

So here we are at the start of the Bronze era of the show which had in the break between seasons moved networks to UPN. This first episode though picks up the story give months after Buffy sacrificed herself to save her sister Dawn and close the gate opened by Glory. In the meantime Willow has taken it upon herself to become the group leader while the Buffybot acts as a decoy to the local Supernatural population maintaining the illusion that the Slayer is still alive and active in Sunnydale.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:5 – Wrap Up

It’s certainly been a season of brave choices for the show as we not only saw the introduction of a major new character in Buffy’s sister Dawn but also the death of her mother both things which on their own could have threatened to derail the show so all the more credit to the show runners for being able to somehow pull them both off.

This season we also saw Buffy tackling her toughest foe to date in the hell god Glory, who not only managed to be both a terrifying challenge for her to battle but also frequently providing some of the funiest moments of the season as she tormented Buffy and belittled the dimwitted and unfaulting devotion of her demonic minions.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer S:05 Ep:22

“Everyone knows their jobs. Remember, the ritual starts; we all die. And I’ll kill anyone who comes near Dawn.” – Buffy

So here we are at the end of another season and its one which had originally been designed to end the series only to instead end up serving as a finale for the show’s time on the WB Network before it moved over to the rival UPN for the final two seasons. Still as the finale’s go this is a great one especially as having wasted the previous episode either running around on pointless research missions are hanging around in Buffy’s sub-concious finally we get back on track here with Buffy and the Scoobies preparing for war against Glory before she can sacrifice Dawn and bring about the apocalypse.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer S:05 Ep:20

Episode Title: Spiral

Original Air Date: May 8st 2001

“Overwhelming?’ How much more than ‘whelming’ would that be, exactly?” – Anya

So last episode we ended on something of a cliffhanger as Glory tore the wall off Willows dorm room wall after brain draining Tara mistaking her for the Key. Of course Tara now in her brain-drained state can see who exactly is the Key and revealed to Glory that Dawn was the Key she’s been desperately seeking.

Despite the episode being setup like it was leading into the finale what we get instead is something of a prolonged chase as Buffy and the Scoobies hop aboard their sun proof R.V. and head out on the road though were they are heading to isn’t overly clear with the main priority being to just get out of Sunnydale especially with Glory knowing the truth about Dawn.

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