Supergirl S01:E18

Episode Title: World’s Finest

Original Airdate: 03-28-2016

Otherwise known as The One Where The Flash Guest Stars. If it’s possible for two shows to poke meta-referential fun at each other, “World’s Finest” does the job well. It has to be remembered that at one point a crossover between CW’s The Flash and CBS’s Supergirl was never even on the table: producer Greg Berlanti stated that bringing either hero into each other’s respective universes was a pretty big long shot, and yet here we are, 18 episodes into Supergirl’s first season (and a dozen or more into Flash’s 2nd) and both Barry Allen and Kara Danvers trade interdimensional references and powers in one of the “fun” episodes of the series’ run thus far.

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The Flash S:02 E:16

Episode Title: Trajectory
Original Airdate: 3-22-16

Barry and co are back from their mini hiatus and are met with yet another speedster and this time it’s a lady. Meanwhile Iris has to deal with her own mini J. Jonah Jameson who also just happens to have a little crush on her, which is probably why she hasn’t been fired yet. And the show ends on one of the most anti-climactic reveals in the show’s history considering that it’s essentially just the characters finding out something that the audience already knew.
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Arrow S:04 E:08

Episode Title: Legends of Yesterday
Original Airdate: 12-2-15

The closest we’ll come to the CW version of the Justice League debuted on Arrow, in a satisfying conclusion to the now annual Arrow/Flash crossover event.

It wasn’t all perfect, this was the one time so much focus on the support staff members like Cisco and Felicity was getting in the way of straight out superhero fight action, but it was a lot of fun. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:08

The Flash S:01 E:19

Episode Title: Who is Harrison Wells?
Original Airdate: 4-21-15

This episode definitely feels like it’s ramping up to the season finale as the circle of trust continues to get bigger and bigger while those who trust Dr. Harrison Wells gets smaller and smaller. There’s a few reveals in the episode for the characters but not the audience, and also a bit of a visit to both Coast City as well as Starling City to get a couple more members of team Arrow onto the Flash screens. And all topped off with a metahuman who can make himself look like anyone. Excellent episode that hits a lot of the right notes while very much accelerating the pace to pave the way towards the season finale which I imagine will involve the defeat of the Reverse Flash, hopefully temporarily as Tom Cavanagh is an excellent member of the cast.
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The Flash S:01 E:15

Episode Title: Out of Time
Original Airdate: 3-17-2015

This is the episode that the show has been leading up to for quite a while now. All the way in the beginning with the pilot episode, this show has been teasing the time travel aspect and it’s finally come to the forefront. And while there were just a few missteps and obvious set ups, there were also so many great moments packed into this episode that it’s easily one of my favorites up to this point. The only downside, or upside depending on how you look at it, is that there are some major plot developments that are likely to be undone due to the time travel that happens at the end of the episode. And while I will be glad to see at least one of them undone, I do hope that not everything gets reset to the beginning of the episode aside from Barry’s experiences.
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The Flash S:01 E:13

Episode Title: The Nuclear Man
Original Airdate: 2-10-15

Without really having to fall back on a villain of the week, the Flash comes around with another really strong episode that really furthers almost everyone’s character arc in some way while answering a few mysteries and creating a few of their own. It generally focuses on Firestorm, the amalgamation of Ronnie and Dr. Martin Stein, but there’s also plenty of other things going on like Barry realizing how difficult it is to have a girlfriend while being the Flash, and has Joe working with Cisco for the first time investigating Barry’s old house for some new clues.
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