The Flash S:01 E:19

Episode Title: Who is Harrison Wells?
Original Airdate: 4-21-15

This episode definitely feels like it’s ramping up to the season finale as the circle of trust continues to get bigger and bigger while those who trust Dr. Harrison Wells gets smaller and smaller. There’s a few reveals in the episode for the characters but not the audience, and also a bit of a visit to both Coast City as well as Starling City to get a couple more members of team Arrow onto the Flash screens. And all topped off with a metahuman who can make himself look like anyone. Excellent episode that hits a lot of the right notes while very much accelerating the pace to pave the way towards the season finale which I imagine will involve the defeat of the Reverse Flash, hopefully temporarily as Tom Cavanagh is an excellent member of the cast.


The metahuman of the week was actually quite the pesky little bugger this time around. I’ve always been a fan of the shapeshifter concept and this episode uses it to great effect as the villain will impersonate a person in order to commit a crime fully captured on video so that he can move on while the police are focused on the identity theft victim. The only negative thing I do have to say about the Everyman as Caitlin names him is that when he knocks out Barry, he is unconscious for an unusually large amount of time for a regular person, let alone someone with heightened healing abilities. The upside is that Everyman as Barry is a complete treat to watch as he puts the moves on an unsuspecting Caitlin. It was also fun to see some of the other less than regular pairings as Barry and Eddie are teamed up to investigate Everyman’s roots and Barry is forced to run “like a normal guy” so as to not tip off his abilities.

Flash wells

Meanwhile Joe and Cisco are paired up in Starling City to investigate the death of Wells’ wife Tess and Cisco gets a little project in the form of Black Canary’s sonic weapon that he gets to turn into the Canary Cry. It’s something that I’m not entirely familiar with other than I know it’s something that the traditional comics version of Black Canary is known for. It was also a fun touch to see that he did it in return for an awkward looking photo of him standing next to her in full costume. It’s interesting to watch this part because I haven’t been watching Arrow, though I can gather that Canary recently told her police captain father about her secret identity. It’s a great little parallel with those two and how Joe has been keeping a similar secret from Iris. It’s a surprisingly well done moment that shows both sides of the fence. Joe gets a seed of doubt that he’s doing the wrong thing and when the truth finally comes out it could greatly damage his relationship with Iris, but there’s also hope that it won’t be completely shattered as he sees there can be hope that their relationship could be on their way to being mended.

flash ferris

But the major part of this episode comes with a few reveals. First off, the police as a whole get undeniable proof that these metahumans exist and that they need someone like the Flash to be able to fight against them. Second, Joe and Cisco find the body of the real Harrison Wells so that everyone is without a doubt that Wells is an imposter. And to cap things off, they finally find Wells’ secret future closet complete with his Reverse Flash suit and paper with the Flashpoint headline. Truly pitch perfect set up for the final showdown between Flash and Reverse Flash that I cannot wait to see. And lastly, I do have to mention a fun little easter egg that has likely popped up before already, but on the Coast City billboard we get a nice little shout out to Ferris Airlines which ties into Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern.


2 thoughts on “The Flash S:01 E:19

  1. Quentin finding out about Laurel being Black Canary was part of the strain in their relationship, but not the biggest part. Until the beginning of this season, her sister was the Canary, but she got killed. He was recovering from the heart problems they mentioned in this episode at the time, so Laurel hid Sara’s death from him and finding out that Laurel was Black Canary was how he found out Sara was dead.


    1. Thanks for clearing that up. I did know that Laurel was the second Black Canary after the first one died, but didn’t know the full details about what happened.


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