Arrow S:03 E:20

Episode Title:The Fallen
Original Airdate: 4-22-15

There was a lot of good moments in this episode that on their own would have resulted in an obvious home-run, but too many decisions from earlier this season watered down what was poised to be one of the season’s most dramatic outings.

The main problem was yet again Oliver was saying goodbye to Felicity and Diggle. This season alone I can think of at least three other instances where Oliver has bid an emotional farewell to an ally and eventually it leads to diminishing dramatic returns when everything reverts to normal an episode or two later.

arrow-the-fallen-oliver-and-ras-al-ghulThis time should be more impactful as since the midseason finale, Oliver has resisted the lure of Ra’s al Ghul to become his heir only to be forced to accept the position in order to save Thea. There’s no turning back and everyone knows it, but a lot of the emotional sting was absent as we’ve been here too often this season.

Still, the actors delivered some of their best of the season with Amell conveying Oliver’s shock at seeing a bloody Thea, Emily Bett Rickards giving Felicity some fire as she confronts both Malcolm and Ra’s, the overall quiet composure David Ramsey provides as Diggle and Matt Nable shining in easily his best performance.

The Hong Kong flashback was more action-packed despite a lack of anything happening until Oliver fights one of Shrieve’s soldiers and the vial containing the Alpha/Omega compound shatters leading to….? Stay tuned.


Thea coming back from being brain dead courtesy of The Lazarus Pit was fine, but hopefully there will be more repercussions for her dip in Ra’s “magic hot tub.” Felicity drugging Oliver after they made sweet Cinemax-worthy love (poor Ray) was funny as she reasoned there had to be some secret catacombs they could escape without Ra’s knowing. But in the end, Oliver is a man of his word even when dealing with The Demon’s Head and he agreed to become Ra’s heir.

The final scene of Ra’s branding Oliver with an arrow mark was tremendous as was the closing moments of Oliver Queen being figuratively buried and replaced by Ah Sah-Him, Heir to the Demon.
This wasn’t the sharpest outing, but next week teases some fascinating possibilities for a very fun episode.


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