Supergirl S01:E18

Episode Title: World’s Finest

Original Airdate: 03-28-2016

Otherwise known as The One Where The Flash Guest Stars. If it’s possible for two shows to poke meta-referential fun at each other, “World’s Finest” does the job well. It has to be remembered that at one point a crossover between CW’s The Flash and CBS’s Supergirl was never even on the table: producer Greg Berlanti stated that bringing either hero into each other’s respective universes was a pretty big long shot, and yet here we are, 18 episodes into Supergirl’s first season (and a dozen or more into Flash’s 2nd) and both Barry Allen and Kara Danvers trade interdimensional references and powers in one of the “fun” episodes of the series’ run thus far.

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Arrow S:04 E:08

Episode Title: Legends of Yesterday
Original Airdate: 12-2-15

The closest we’ll come to the CW version of the Justice League debuted on Arrow, in a satisfying conclusion to the now annual Arrow/Flash crossover event.

It wasn’t all perfect, this was the one time so much focus on the support staff members like Cisco and Felicity was getting in the way of straight out superhero fight action, but it was a lot of fun. Continue reading Arrow S:04 E:08