X-Men S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Deadly Reunions.

Original Airdate: 01-23-1993.

Well, dear readers, we reach another week, and that can only mean one thing.  It’s time to start look at another episode of X-Men:The Animated Series.  When we last visited our mutant friends.  They had just defeated Magneto from using nuclear weapons and Professor X had taken in Wolverine’s swore enemy Sabretooth in for some treatment.  What sort of plans will Magneto unleash upon our heroes and will  Charles Xavier be able to calm down the rage of Sabretooth.  Let’s find out. Continue reading X-Men S:01 E:04


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:02 E:01

Episode Title: The Origin of the Iceman

Well true-believers, we’ve arrived at the start of season two of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Now, when it comes to Saturday morning cartoons, it was not uncommon for a relatively small number of episodes to be made of a show which were then rerun for many years. In the case of the Spider Friends, only three episodes were added to the mix for season two. Each of these episodes focused a bit on the origin stories of our three heroes. We begin with the birth of one “cool” mutant in The Origin of The Iceman. Continue reading Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:02 E:01