X Men S:01 E:05

Episode Title:  Captive Hearts

Original Airdate:  01-30-1993

We have seen The X-Men battle the likes of Magneto and Sabretooth, but in this episode. We get to see two of these great heroes battle a foe that will be the demise of them both.  The love of another woman.  In particular I’m speaking about Wolverine and Cyclops and their love for Jean Grey.  Not that I blame them, I too have a fondness for redheads as well.  I’ll get into that love triangle a little later as well as talk about the joys and pain of one of the members being used as a sex slave.  But let’s get to the meat of this episode, shall we.

XMen02This episode begins with the X-Men training in the danger room.  Professor X is really pushing the team hard and putting them into dangerous situations.  Storm’s claustrophobia gets the better of her and she has a major freak out.  Still would like to know more about what caused that to happen, but I’m sure they are saving that for another episode that is quite special.  Later Jean Grey and Cyclops decide to go out on a date.    Wolverine is seen being jealous.  Which makes sense because earlier I could have sworn both him and Miss Grey had a moment while in training.  On their date Scott(Cyclops) is upset that he’s not doing enough for Professor X and the rest of the team.  Yeah that’s a great way to make the woman you love feel really special.  Talk about how much you want to please your boss.  Meanwhile this little green guy who looks like the fifth member of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show up and steal some food.  Some mutant haters chase after him,  and Jean and Scott go to protect him.  They follow him into the sewers(which proves my TMNT theory even more) and run into a group of very deformed beings who capture them both.  When Scott awakes he notices that he no longer has his powers.  This old lady has taken them away and for the first time we see what he looks like without his visor and some shades.  We learn that these creatures who captured our two love birds are called The Morlocks.  Mutants who are so deformed that they haft to live below the surface.  Now, I get the green turtle, and the dripping clay guy who looks like a low rent version of Trent Reznor if he had dripping grey skin.  But why is the old lady there?  She looks like a regular senior citizen.  I don’t understand why she would haft to live underground. Unless this world is a lot like the one in Logan’s Run and once you hit the age of 30, you  are killed.  The leader of the Morlocks is named Callisto and she looks like what would happen if Snake Plisken from Escape from New York had sex with Gozer from Ghostbusters.  She has a proposition for Scott  and that is she wants him to give her a child.  Never once have I ever heard mentioned in a show aimed at kids.  A character talk about how she would like another character to get her pregnant.

X-Men 6.2The Professor learns the location of the captured hearts and they are out to get them back.   When they get there they see that Jean thinks she is the old lady’s granddaughter.  Grandma has the power to make anyone believe what she wants them to.    Callisto throws down a battered Scott(AKA Cyclops) and warns the team, that if they do not back off.  She will kill him.  Wolverine doesn’t believe her and brings his claws down on him. Just when he does.  Scott turns back into that green looking turtle guy I mentioned earlier.    The old lady and Callisto find out about Wolverine’s jealousy and uses that to have him kill Cyclops. Jean Grey helps him by breaking his mind out of her control. Storm decides she had had enough of this and battles Callisto for control of the morlocks. Once she has been defeated, Storm offers the rest safe haven at their headquarters.  They decline, but say that when humans are ready to accept them. They will join.  The episode ends with Cyclops(back with his visor and everything) and Jean Grey finding out that Wolverine has left the team.

X-Men CaptiveThere was a lot of good stuff going on in this episode.  We got to see some of the three way romance between Cyclops, Wolverine and Jean Grey.  Cyclops seems to be more of the stable provider, and a good loyal person and we can see why she would want to be with him.  But I also suspect that when they do have sex.  She is thinking about Wolverine the whole time.  After all he is that rugged bad boy that many girls I suspect do dream about.  The Morlocks were once mentioned in issues 168 and 170 of the comics(Wikipedia) and the leader Callisto was suppose to be a reference to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Character.  The  battle between Storm and Callisto did use what looked like Lightsabers, and while watching it.  I did wonder since Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars  Will we see a flick where both universes will meet.  We still don’t know the full extent of why Storm has claustrophobia and we don’t really know what really happened to make Wolverine leave with jealousy over Jean Grey and Cyclops relationship.  Hopefully we will find out in the next episode.
Best line of the show.   “Can it Cajun”  Wolverine when talking to Gambit


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