Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:04


Jess Archer Vs 3The students at Hudson High are very eager to seek out Jess Archer(Emily Williams) when they need her help.  Some are just less embarrassed about thanking her than others.  When  Lacrosse team captain Troy’s girlfriend Kayden(Claire Autran) discovered that he was busted for selling answers to the mid terms.  She was shocked and upset, but when she found out that Tess, oops I mean Jess was helping out.  She was happy that someone was at least trying to help prove her man’s innocence.  There was just no way she could fully admit how grateful she was and not have the whole student body find out about it.  Kayden is after all the captain of the cheerleader squad and if word got around that she was nice to a comic loving geek.  She might never hear the end of it, especially from those in her very small social circle.  Since one of her teammates Melinda(Linsey Summers) used to date Jess’s sidekick Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor).  She would ask her to bring both sleuths to a private location so that she could properly thank them. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:04


X Men S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Cold Vengeance
Original Airdate:  02-06-1993

Well, hello again X-fans  and X-friends.  It is I The Vern.  The only writer at Chanel Superhero whose mutant ability is that he can drink drink Irish whiskey while being only Norwegian.  When we last left our mutant friends.  Wolverine’s jealousy of Cyclops and Jean Grey have become just too much and he just had to leave.  The man does have the powers to heal quick while in a fight, but he doesn’t have the one that helps fix a broken heart.  Oh and Gambit, Storm and Jubilee star in their very own 80’s comedy when they visit a resort.  What kind of shenanigans can three wild young superheroes get into on the beach?  Read on to find out. Continue reading X Men S:01 E:06