X Men S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Cold Vengeance
Original Airdate:  02-06-1993

Well, hello again X-fans  and X-friends.  It is I The Vern.  The only writer at Chanel Superhero whose mutant ability is that he can drink drink Irish whiskey while being only Norwegian.  When we last left our mutant friends.  Wolverine’s jealousy of Cyclops and Jean Grey have become just too much and he just had to leave.  The man does have the powers to heal quick while in a fight, but he doesn’t have the one that helps fix a broken heart.  Oh and Gambit, Storm and Jubilee star in their very own 80’s comedy when they visit a resort.  What kind of shenanigans can three wild young superheroes get into on the beach?  Read on to find out.X-Men Cold2If you are feeling sad and upset that the woman you love would rather be with someone else.  What better place is there to go to forget about her, then the cold arctic tundra of Canada.  Wolverine decided to pay a visit to the great north, but his vacation soon has another tenant.  Sabretooth, The man who has who I’m sure in a past life would have starred with Wolverine in their very own version of The Odd Couple.  They fight,as all superheroes and supervillians do,.  However Sabretooth gets the upper hand and throws his fiend into the ice. Meanwhile back at the mansion I’m pretty sure was once owned by Hugh Hefner.  Gambit and Cyclops are arguing about a new resort that is accepting of mutants called Genosha.  Cyclops feels that it’s complete hooey, Gambit believes it’s a real thing, and this writer can’t believe he used the word hooey in this review.  Professor X orders Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee to head to the place to see what is going on there.   I wish he would have sent Rouge or Jean Grey because those two in swimsuits would look really… Vern stop fantasizing about animated characters again and get back to reviewing this episode.  So after Logan reenacts the end moments from Titanic while on an iceberg.  He ends up at this Eskimo village who accept him as one of the tribe.  He is able to give them a good supply of fish and everyone really likes him.  Everyone but one that is.  One of the villagers is jealous of the new visitor because he was the most popular member of the group before he arrived.  He leaves in anger and runs into Sabretooth.  After a little bit of confusion in explaining that he is not Logan’s friend and that NWA still had some good songs even after Ice Cube left.  The jealous guy agrees to help out our yellow furball by leading Wolverine(AKA Logan in case you didn’t know they are the same person.  I’m not trying to pull a Tyler Durdan on you good people) away from the tribe.   He tells our fast healing friend that the tribe is doing a performance of The Godfather Part II and that he needs some help practicing the end scene with Michael and Fredo on the boat.  But before they can recite their lines.  Wolverine becomes wise that something is wrong and heads back to the others.  The jealous guy discovers that he has been double crossed when he see the others tied up next to a bomb.  Wolverine quickly dismantles the explosive device just in time before it goes off.   The other Eskimos ask him to stay, but he decides(I think) to go back to the mansion to face his own jealousy instead of running away from it.

X-Men Cold 3Back over on plot B.  Gambit, Jubilee, and Storm have made it to Genosha and are ready to enjoy a few days of sun, beer and wild hi jinks.  Well at least that is what Jubilee is looking forward to. The staff of this place are more secretly  menacing then the ones in the movie Hostel.  Yes, before any of the can put on their sunscreen.  A group of Sentinels show up and they don’t look like they want to play volleyball.  I don’t know why they didn’t notice that something was wrong.  Have you ever stayed in a hotel before.  No one is ever that nice.  At least not ever to me.   It’s going to be exciting to see what happens next.

X-Men ColdWatching an entire episode dedicated to one character was good, because we get a little more insight into who they are.  I just wish that when they did.  They would have covered a bit more about Logan’s past and how he obtained his powers, but I’m sure we will be getting that on future episodes.  It would be nice if other characters including Beast or Magneto would get shows dedicated to their stories as well.   I’m not sure quite why they put in the side plot of the other X-Men going to  Genosha when that could have been included in just one episode.  Until next time, this is The Vern signing off.

Favorite line.  “All work and no play makes Jacque a dull boy” Said by Gambit in reference to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining


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