X Men S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Slave Island

Original Airdate: 02-13-1993

Hello all my X rated fans. It’s I The Vern and I sure missed you a whole bunch these last few days while I was gone.  Did you all have a good labor day weekend to go out and enjoy this nice weather before fall hits.  You did, well that is just awesome.  A few of The X-Men including Storm, Jubilee and Gambit decided that a break also sounded like fun.   So they decided to head on out to this Island that supposedly accepts mutants.  But before they can apply that sunscreen and take a dip in the pool. They are attacked and are captured by Sentinels. Will they be forced to participate in several lame camping activities to win a merit badge or will Cyclops and the rest of the team find them before they haft to endure arts and crafts hour. Continue reading X Men S:01 E:07