X Men S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Slave Island

Original Airdate: 02-13-1993

Hello all my X rated fans. It’s I The Vern and I sure missed you a whole bunch these last few days while I was gone.  Did you all have a good labor day weekend to go out and enjoy this nice weather before fall hits.  You did, well that is just awesome.  A few of The X-Men including Storm, Jubilee and Gambit decided that a break also sounded like fun.   So they decided to head on out to this Island that supposedly accepts mutants.  But before they can apply that sunscreen and take a dip in the pool. They are attacked and are captured by Sentinels. Will they be forced to participate in several lame camping activities to win a merit badge or will Cyclops and the rest of the team find them before they haft to endure arts and crafts hour.

X-Men Episode 7After they are captured we learn that Genosha has captured many mutants and are keeping them on the island as slaves to build something called Master Mold.  Basically a giant Sentinel who gives birth to slightly smaller Sentinels.  Among the damned are Sunfire, Northstar, Mystique, Blob, Avalanche, Shaman,Feral, and Domino.  They are equipped with a collar that will allow them to use their powers when needed for work.  However, if they try to escape the collars come back on,they loose their powers and most likely will be captured or killed.  Storm has already seen Battle Royale and knows what the collars can do,  So she tries to make a break for it.  One of the giant purple Oompa Loompas gets a hold of her and puts her into the box.  We all know this to be a bad idea because of her claustrophobia.  Jubilee comes up with an idea to bum rush the guards, and gain control of the device that controls the mutants  She tells her idea to Gambit who wants to hear nothing of it.  I guess it’s because he’s finally found a group exercise program that he really enjoys.   One morning our sparkly friend and the others decide to evolve one of the staff members in their initiation challenge.  The plan backfires and she is captured and put right next to Storm in her very  own personal sauna box.   While sweating out some much needed toxins.  Jubilee learns that it was Gambit who told the staff about their prison break.  Has our Cajun friend turned traitor and betrayed his  own team mates.

X-Men Episode 7Back at the School. Cyclops talks about not buying stock in Genosha phone lines.  Everyone is a little worried because they have not heard from the others in a while.  Now I may be reading into this a bit too much so bare with me.  Can’t the Professor locate mutants and find out if they are having any problems.  I know that the collars stops them from using their powers.  But when they are not active, I feel that this would be a awesome opportunity to call for some help.  Wolverine then shows up to give us a one line reference to last week’s episode and him along with Jean Grey , Rouge, and Cyclops are off to check out Genosha.  The Professor decides to hang back so he can have some private phone time with a girl named Moria McTaggert.

Back on the Island. Gambit meets up with the leader of the Island who was the same guy who first tried to capture Jubilee when those Sentinels came to her mall in the first episode.  He says that we will bring the X-Men to him and when asked why he would betray his friends.  His response is that they don’t like him nor do they trust him.  This may have worked if this character have shown any of these traits on earlier episodes.  But they didn’t so it feels really misguided here.  On the way back to his cell.  Our charged up Cajun breaks free and runs into a mercenary named Cable.  A mutant who once worked for the leader of Genosha until he found out what he was truly supporting and now is determined to destroy him.  He gives Gambit a key that will unlock the collars.  Having freed Storm and Jubilee, the rest of the team does the same for the rest of the slaves and removes their collars.  Storm uses all of her powers to summon the biggest biblical waterfall ever and destroy the Sentinel factory once and for all.  The rest of the team show up kind of at the last minute although Rouge I guess saves Storm from falling to her death at one point, so that’s good.  When the team gets back to their home, they see that it was destroyed.  What has happened to their beloved leader and what’s worse.  Will Cyclops lose his top score on Donkey Kong.

X-Men Episode 7 1It was cool seeing other mutants and knowing right away which team they will be playing for when asked by Professor X or Magneto to join the ranks. Mystique’s role was so small I hardly remember seeing her in this episode.  It’s going to be fun having her character in future shows.   I have no idea who this Moria McTaggert is, but hopefully she can shed some light on what happened to their leader soon. Find out next time dear readers


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