X-Men: Introductions

X-Men The animated Series was on the Fox Kids network from October 1992 to September 1997.  Now, for most people.  Their love of comic books happened around the same time as the movies that were released.  Well in the 90’s, there wasn’t much of a choice.  Seriously the only good ones at the time were Batman, Superman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now having read a few issues of X-Men before seeing the show.  I was very excited to see my favorite heroes in action but I was afraid they wouldn’t live up to how I saw them act in my mind.  Well  each character is represented pretty well and some do a much better job then the live action version in 2000..  Each week I’m going to cover episodes from the five seasons of when the show aired.

X-Men 4This was the first  U.S. animated show to have a continuous storyline. Where the episodes were connected to each other. Something that would be used later on for shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender    However when it got to season 3 shows were not aired in the correct sequence.  With the help of wikipedia, I plan to show you the episodes in their right scripted order.  The show does cover some iconic story lines such as The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past.  I’m interested in watching these story lines again.  Because I feel that they work much better here then they did in the movies.

This was not the first time The X-Men have come to the small screen.  Back in September of 1989 Marvel stopped production of a 13th episode of Robocop:The Animated Series to make this pilot called, Pryde of The X-Men.  In this story we have Kitty Pryde who learns about her new powers.  While also having The X-Men try and stop Magneto from blocking out the sun.  The look of the characters were very different and the tone was slightly more campy then the ones of the animated series.  Yet I kind of wished they would have put Kitty Pryde in the new series instead of creating a brand new character like  Jubilee.

X-Men PrydeWhat makes a show timeless is if it can remain just as good now as it was back then.  I will do my best to remove all my nostalgic love of the show and review it honestly .  But it’s going to be tough, especially with that kick ass theme song.


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