Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:08


OH NO!!!!  This is it folks, the last and final episode of Jess Archer Vs.  Just when I was falling more in love with these characters.  The rug gets pulled under and it ends.  I’m reminded of that awesome song “Marathon” by the nerdcore group Fuzzy Machete.  In that track it talks about how you can spend hours watching your favorite show, and then become angry when it all just ends.  That is kind of how I feel right now, but with thanks to podcasts like TV Good Sleep Bad, and FilmWhys.  I’m glad this show is getting more exposure.  So let’s do this right and tell you how it all ends. Oh , and if this is your first time reading about this series.  Please go back and read the previous posts.  I’m not going to explain past episodes. You should have been taking notes. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:08


Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:06

Jess Archer Vs 3Before I tell you about the latest adventure of Hudson High’s great teen detective Jess Archer.  I want to express just how important it is to support independent media.  Weather it’s a musical artist you find on SoundCloud, or a filmmaker who is promoting their project via Indigogo.  We should all do our part to like and share these talented people with the rest of the world.  I’m not saying you haft to give every single project your hard earned cash, although it’s great  that you do.  It just would be cool if more people took an interest in seeing original content, instead of reboots and remakes.  TV now is starting to turn old movies into TV shows.  Do we really want a Lethal Weapon or The Exorcist as a series.  I know I don’t, so let’s get out there and help support original content. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:06

Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:05


Jess Archer Vs 3

Being captain of the Hudson Hawks football team has gotta be pretty sweet.  First off, you’re named after the Bruce Willis cult classic(Hudson Hawk) and second. You’re named after the same flick that was directed and co written by Michael Lehman and Daniel Waters.  The same duo behind the 80’s dark comedy classic Heathers.  Team captain Jason(Carmen Carfagna) is pretty happy that his team is able to regain popularity,now that the captain of the Lacrosse team is involved in a scandal.  But wait,who is this girl coming to talk to him with the long pony tail and t-shirt whose reference I don’t get.  Well it’s our own Nancy Drew, this generation’s Jessica Fletcher, and Veronica Mars’ next replacement.  Yup it’s the one and only Jess Archer(Emily Williams). Continue reading Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:05

Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep: 03

Jess Archer 3

As you can tell from the last few episodes, Jess Archer(Emily Williams) and Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano) are not big fans of each other.  Turner is upset because Archer doesn’t give him the proper respect an officer like him should receive.  While, Jess sees this man abusing his powers and knows the only authoritative job he’ll ever achieve is that of security at a retirement home.   Jess and Turner are easily continuing that same hero /villain dynamic that made other great characters such household names.  Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd, Doctor Who vs The Darlecks, and Yakko, Wakko,& Dot Warner vs that security guy who keeps locking them away in the tower. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep: 03

Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:01


Jess Archer 3

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of the series Jess Archer Vs.  In the last post we were introduced to high school student Jess Archer as she solved the mystery of her best friend Chase’s missing Phantom comic book.  Now Jess is back with a brand new mystery, new characters, and even more of that great wit and Archer charm.  Remember that one movie Brick where it was set in high school but everyone talked like they were in a Phillip Marlowe crime novel.   Jess Archer Vs feels like its a film noir that was played out on the holodeck via Star Trek by the characters of Archie comics.  Better yet, Jess Archer Vs is Velma and Scooby Doo(if he were human) solving crimes at the same high school that the scooby gang from Buffy The Vampire Slayer attended.  Even better, Jess Archer Vs is a fun series that has characters who are well written and one day will be referenced in other shows.  But enough of this chatter, let’s get to this week’s episode. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:01

Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:00

Jess Archer Vs

Starting on Wednesday June 1st, I am going to start reviewing episodes of the new web series Jess Archer Vs.  The best way I can describe the show to those who have never heard of it is that it’s part Scott Pilgrim Vs The World meets Veronica Mars.  Set at a High School during an undetermined period.  The series focuses on our two heroes Jess Archer(Emily Williams) and her BFF Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor) .  Two friends who are in love with comics, enjoy quoting movies and, playing pranks on the school security guard Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano) Continue reading Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:00