Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:00

Jess Archer Vs

Starting on Wednesday June 1st, I am going to start reviewing episodes of the new web series Jess Archer Vs.  The best way I can describe the show to those who have never heard of it is that it’s part Scott Pilgrim Vs The World meets Veronica Mars.  Set at a High School during an undetermined period.  The series focuses on our two heroes Jess Archer(Emily Williams) and her BFF Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor) .  Two friends who are in love with comics, enjoy quoting movies and, playing pranks on the school security guard Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano)

In the short film Jess Archer Vs The Ex.  Chase has lost his favorite issue of The Phantom( the one that looks like an awesome purple condom, according to Chase) and all signs point to his ex girlfriend Melinda.(Linsey Summers) Even though Jess feels upset that he doesn’t join her on adventures any more.  She still decides to help out and solve the mystery.

Jess Archer Vs The Ex is filled with references from many popular shows and movies but the way it’s used doesn’t make it feel like it was forced in anyway.  Instead it just plays out like a small homage.   Director Amy Taylor has a good sense of style and I love all of the comedic visuals that are featured in the short.  The swish pans,quick cuts and texts on screen work to help set this very unique universe.   She has stated in interviews that directors Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon are a big influence on her work and it shows.   It’s a fun mystery series that you can look forward to watching each week.


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Watch The Original Short Jess Archer vs The Ex on Vimeo.

Interview with series creator Amy Taylor and lead Actress Emily Williams from As You Watch.



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