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Jess Archer 3

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of the series Jess Archer Vs.  In the last post we were introduced to high school student Jess Archer as she solved the mystery of her best friend Chase’s missing Phantom comic book.  Now Jess is back with a brand new mystery, new characters, and even more of that great wit and Archer charm.  Remember that one movie Brick where it was set in high school but everyone talked like they were in a Phillip Marlowe crime novel.   Jess Archer Vs feels like its a film noir that was played out on the holodeck via Star Trek by the characters of Archie comics.  Better yet, Jess Archer Vs is Velma and Scooby Doo(if he were human) solving crimes at the same high school that the scooby gang from Buffy The Vampire Slayer attended.  Even better, Jess Archer Vs is a fun series that has characters who are well written and one day will be referenced in other shows.  But enough of this chatter, let’s get to this week’s episode.

Life must be really tough for high school student Jess Archer(Emily Williams).  One minute she’s quietly using the bathroom, voiceovering to herself about a zombie invasion.  The next, her best friend Chase (Stefan Kumor) barges in with some exciting news.  One of their school’s most popular students named Troy(Michael Frasser) is getting busted for selling answers to the mid term exams.  He believes he was set up and asks for the help of Miss Archer in solving the case.  At first she declines because she doesn’t fully trust that he is innocent in all of this.  However, once she hears that it may upset Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano) if she investigates.  She may have a change of heart.


You can watch the full short below here.

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