Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:05


Jess Archer Vs 3

Being captain of the Hudson Hawks football team has gotta be pretty sweet.  First off, you’re named after the Bruce Willis cult classic(Hudson Hawk) and second. You’re named after the same flick that was directed and co written by Michael Lehman and Daniel Waters.  The same duo behind the 80’s dark comedy classic Heathers.  Team captain Jason(Carmen Carfagna) is pretty happy that his team is able to regain popularity,now that the captain of the Lacrosse team is involved in a scandal.  But wait,who is this girl coming to talk to him with the long pony tail and t-shirt whose reference I don’t get.  Well it’s our own Nancy Drew, this generation’s Jessica Fletcher, and Veronica Mars’ next replacement.  Yup it’s the one and only Jess Archer(Emily Williams).

Jason ep 5You see, Jess had a tip off from Melinda in the last episode that Jason (after a failed attempt to hit on her) told her something about the lacrosse team having a downfall soon.  Posing as a school reporter, Jess goes to question him to see what his involvement is in all of this.   When Jess informs him that the angle of the article will be about how the football team is gaining traction again after Troy(Lacrosse Team Captain ) got busted.  Jason has this look of pride smugness on his face and tells her he’s not surprised by the criminal activity the school found.

Jess and Chase Ep 5Feeling good about the information they received.   Jess and her co-pilot Chewie, Uhh I mean Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor) start to developing a plan that will prove Troy’s innocence.  It’s about here that Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano) comes to tell our own Han Solo and her wookie that if they don’t stop with all the snooping that they will both be banned from this year’s Wonder Rama Con.  Now what are they gonna do.

sad wookie waveThis episode was great because we are now starting to see some turmoil and some real challenges for our two heroes.  I believe Jason is happy that Troy got expelled but I don’t think he is fully capable of framing anyone.  They say the culprit is always the person you least expect.  So I’m just gonna predict that it was Troy’s girlfriend Kayden.  Am I right in my assumption?   Will Jess and Chase be able to both solve the crime and get Turner off their backs so they won’t get expelled from their favorite convention?    Come back next week for another exciting adventure in the life of Jess Archer

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