Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep: 03

Jess Archer 3

As you can tell from the last few episodes, Jess Archer(Emily Williams) and Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano) are not big fans of each other.  Turner is upset because Archer doesn’t give him the proper respect an officer like him should receive.  While, Jess sees this man abusing his powers and knows the only authoritative job he’ll ever achieve is that of security at a retirement home.   Jess and Turner are easily continuing that same hero /villain dynamic that made other great characters such household names.  Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd, Doctor Who vs The Darlecks, and Yakko, Wakko,& Dot Warner vs that security guy who keeps locking them away in the tower.

Officer Turner knows that Jess looking into the case of the mid terms answer scandal is a bad idea.  He was the one who first busted the lacrosse team captain and it felt good to have others respect him.  If it turns out in any way that he could be wrong in his accusations.  The school will never let it down.  It’s bad enough that they have his office in the janitorial closet.  He orders Jess to stay out of this or else he will give her detention up until college.

Jess Archer Turner

I felt like this episode could have been added to the end of the second one.  Its good but it doesn’t continue on with the main story, it’s just a separate scene.  If Turner is going to threaten Jess, it should be something that actually does scare her.  Hearing about detention probably wouldn’t do that because she has heard that line numerous times before.  I love the dialogue between actors Joe Stigliano and Emily Williams and can’t wait to view the outtakes.  The homage to Sergio Leone’s westerns like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with its freeze frames was fun too.  I look forward to seeing what new suspects the series introduces.


Watch the full episode here.

More fun outtakes with Emily Williams and Stefan Kumor from episode one

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