Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:08


OH NO!!!!  This is it folks, the last and final episode of Jess Archer Vs.  Just when I was falling more in love with these characters.  The rug gets pulled under and it ends.  I’m reminded of that awesome song “Marathon” by the nerdcore group Fuzzy Machete.  In that track it talks about how you can spend hours watching your favorite show, and then become angry when it all just ends.  That is kind of how I feel right now, but with thanks to podcasts like TV Good Sleep Bad, and FilmWhys.  I’m glad this show is getting more exposure.  So let’s do this right and tell you how it all ends. Oh , and if this is your first time reading about this series.  Please go back and read the previous posts.  I’m not going to explain past episodes. You should have been taking notes. Continue reading Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:08


TV Good Sleep Bad #5

Good Sleep Bad: A monthly podcast in which Elwood and Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) delve into cult and obscure TV shows from Superheroes to the Outer Limits they watch it all.

Christmas is here yet again and this year Elwood and Lackey are spending a more controversial Christmas with the foul kids of “South Park” as they revisit two the show’s Christmas episodes.


So get prepared for Satan worship forest animals, talking poo and a whole heap of bad language as it goes without saying that we advise you not to listen if easily offended.

All this plus a look back at favourite Christmas specials, getting nostalgic about early TV viewing experiences and looking back at the UK’s Alt. Comedy scene of the 80’s plus much more!!

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TV Good Sleep Bad #4

“TV Good Sleep Bad” is a monthly podcast hosted by Elwood Jones and Daniel Lackey as they journey through the world of cult and obscure TV.

This edition of “TV Good Sleep Bad” might possibly be one of our most tediously linked episodes to date…can you guess the link?

First up is the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” season one episode “I Robot, You Jane” as Willow finds herself targeted by a demon whose soul she accidently uploads on the web.


We also look at the first season of “The Booth At The End” in which a mysterious stranger can grant wishes in an exchange for completing a task, but is the reward worth the cost?


All this plus, 80’s Doctor Who, 90’s technology phobia and our current obsession for reworking shows plus much more!

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31 Days of Tales From the Crypt S:06 E:13 & Cryptkeeper S:01 E:01

Greetings earwigs and earworms, Cryptkeeper Bubbawheat with another special treat for you today on day 28 of our 31 Days of Tales From the Crypt. We have something for you to listen to instead of just read as I join our own Elwood Jones as well as Daniel Lackey for their new podcast venture TV Good, Sleep Bad where each month they take a look at a couple episodes of cult television. This is only the third episode, but I think they’re off to a great start and they will also be sharing their episodes here on this site so if you like what you hear then come back every month for a new episode. Here we get a little bit animated as we discuss the pilot of the animated spin-off series Tales From the Cryptkeeper as well as a chilling episode that may or may not have inspired 30 Days of Night where it’s not for over a month before it Comes the Dawn.

Episode Titles: Comes the Dawn & While The Cat’s Away
Original Airdates: 1-11-95 & 9-18-93

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