Jess Archer Vs. S:01 Ep:06

Jess Archer Vs 3Before I tell you about the latest adventure of Hudson High’s great teen detective Jess Archer.  I want to express just how important it is to support independent media.  Weather it’s a musical artist you find on SoundCloud, or a filmmaker who is promoting their project via Indigogo.  We should all do our part to like and share these talented people with the rest of the world.  I’m not saying you haft to give every single project your hard earned cash, although it’s great  that you do.  It just would be cool if more people took an interest in seeing original content, instead of reboots and remakes.  TV now is starting to turn old movies into TV shows.  Do we really want a Lethal Weapon or The Exorcist as a series.  I know I don’t, so let’s get out there and help support original content.

Stalin Turner ep 6Now that I said my small little rant, I will step off my soapbox to tell you all about this episode.  After Officer Turner(Joel Stiglaino) warns Jess(Emily Williams) and her sidekick Chase Pollard(Stefan Kumor) that they will be banned from going to Wonder Rama Con, if they continue their espionage.  Life at Hudson High School becomes very dark,  So dark in fact the color has been completely removed from the world.  Turner is becoming very much like Joseph Stalin and not just because they featured his photograph in the opening,  It’s because he’s being a major dick…. taitor.  Abusing his powers of authority and making kids everywhere fear him.  Chase sees that even Jess has avoided any contact and usually she’s the first one to confront him.  When asked why she hasn’t been fighting.  Jess explains that she wants Turner to only think that she has stopped with the case but only that she has set up an elusive trap for Jason.  You know the guy who helped frame Troy for stealing midterm test answers  Go back and read the other posts to get caught up on the full story.  After he gets busted, a text message is shown about the bait being took.  What does this all mean and who is the bait.  Was it Jason or did Jess become the bait by setting up the trap.  I guess we will haft to find out in the next episode.

Ep 6 group shotThere were a lot of reveals going on this episode.  First off I thought Jason being the culprit would have been too easy, but it just goes to show.  You should always trust your instincts.  When Chase told Jess how awesome she was.  There was a moment where it looked like the two might kiss.  Is there some sexual tension between these two. No, not really but hey whose to say what will happen later on.  The other big reveal is that we finally learn Officer Turner’s first name.  I’m not going to say what it is in this post.  I’ll save it for the next one.  If you want a hint, I’ll just say that it was the title of a popular show on FX that starred Elijah Wood.  The reference to  The Godfather  at the end was a very nice touch, and I’m excited to see how all of this will conclude.

Watch the full episode here

Some Great Outtakes from episode 5.

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