31 Days of Tales From the Crypt: All 31 Days

October has come to an end and so has our blogathon, I’d like to thank everyone who joined in this month, it’s been a lot of fun seeing everyone’s reactions to the show, both from those who loved the show and picked a favorite episode to talk about as well as those who were brand new to the show and had some mixed results on their first episodes. But here you can look through all the episodes that we covered and check up on any that you missed. You can also check through all of our contributor’s own sites if you liked what you read here. I hope you had a safe and happy Halloween and hopefully we’ll do this again next year!

As Ye Sow

Oct 1: Bubbawheat – S:05 E:02 As Ye Sow
Oct 2: David Babbitt (24 Panels Per Second) S:03 E:02 Carrion Death
Oct 3: David Brook (Blueprint: Review) S:02 E:14 – Lower Berth
Oct 4: The IPC (The IPC) S:01 E:05 Lover Come Hack to Me
Oct 5: Spikor (Fat Guy With Glasses) S:01 E:01 The Man Who Was Death

Strung Along

Oct 6: Todd Liebenow (Forgotten Films) S:04 E:12 Strung Along
Oct 7: Andrew Wickliffe (The Stop Button) S:04 E:06 – What’s Cookin’
Oct 8: Daniel Lackey (The Nightmare Gallery) S:07 E:13 The Third Pig
Oct 9: Table 9 Mutant (Cinema Parrot Disco) S:05 E:03 Forever Ambergris
Oct 10: Wendell (Dell on Movies) S:02 E:12 Fitting Punishment

Oct 11: M. Brown (Two Dollar Cinema) S:02 E:08 – For Cryin’ Out Loud
Oct 12:Austin Shinn (A Flickering Life) S:06 E:15 You, Murderer
Oct 13: Tyler (The Whedon Fan) Tyler’s Top 10 Episodes
Oct 14:Elwood Jones (From the Depths of DVD Hell) S:06 E:06 The Pit
Oct 15: Bubbawheat – S:05 E:04 Food for Thought
Oct 16: Nick Rehak (French Toast Sunday) S:02 E:10 The Ventriloquist’s Dummy
Oct 17: Jason Soto (Your Face!) S:02 E:03 – Cutting Cards


Oct 18: Tony (Coogs Film Blog) S:03 E:14 Yellow
Oct 19: Nick Spacek (Rockstar Journalist) S:02 E:17 My Brother’s Keeper
Oct 20: Branden (Cinefessions) S:02 E:16 Television Terror
Oct 21: TheVoid99 (Surrender to the Void) S:04 E:03 On a Deadman’s Chest
Oct 22: Bernardo Villela (The Movie Rat) S:06 E:03 Whirlpool
Oct 23: Matt Stewart (Simplistic Reviews) S:05 E:07 House of Horror
Oct 24: Nick Hamden (Gorgon Reviews) S:04 E:02 This’ll Kill Ya

and all through the house

Oct 25: Vern (Vern’s Video Vortex) S:01 E:02 And All Through the House
Oct 26: Bubbawheat – S:05 E:05 People Who Live in Brass Hearses
Oct 27:Kristen (Journeys in Classic Film) S:03 E:09 – Undertaking Palor
Oct 28: Bubbawheat, Elwood, Lackey (TV Good, Sleep Bad) Cryptkeeper S:01 E:01 While The Cat’s Away & S:06 E:13 Comes the Dawn
Oct 29: The Marckoguy (TheMarckoguy) S:02 E:07 The Sacrifice
Oct 30: Jay Cluitt (Life vs. Film) S:05 E:01 Death of Some Salesman
Oct 31: Bubbawheat – 10 Episodes with Similar Titles


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