31 Days of Tales From the Crypt S:04 E:06

Good morning creepies! Cryptkeeper Bubbawheat here yet again to bring you another daily gore-y from our ghost bloggers and we’re already into our seventh day of this scare-fest. So let’s welcome Andrew Wickliffe from his site The Stop Button where he usually looks at movies from a less horrific persuasion, but rather films old, new, and really really old. Today he is looking at an episode that I rather enjoyed, though I may have been swayed by my enjoyment of seeing a role from Christopher Reeve that wasn’t Superman. So let’s sit back and take a look at what he has to say about What’s Cookin’.

Episode Title: What’s Cookin’
Original Airdate: 7-22-92

whats cookin

The opening titles for What’s Cookin’ give a little too much away. They draw too much attention to Judd Nelson, who doesn’t fit with the rest of the cast title cards. Christopher Reeve, Bess Armstrong, even Art LaFleur. The episode has a certain type of cast member and a Judd Nelson “special appearance” is noteworthy.

whats cookin 1

Reeve and Armstrong own a restaurant. Nelson is the drifter who cleans up around the place. Do he and Armstrong run off together? No. But Judd Nelson in a “special appearance” as a drifter? There’s got to be something funny about that guy. A.L. Katz and director Alder’s script doesn’t get very interested in character. It’s not clear Reeve and Armstrong are even married until it’s needed in expository conversation. They might have a sort of sitcom chemistry, but Adler doesn’t ask them to have chemistry. He directs What’s Cookin’ like they never got to rehearse it.

Needless to say, Nelson proves to be trouble. There are two big twists–with only the first one forecast, though the second one is obvious, there’s no attempt at forecasting. Instead, the second twist is just a way to hurriedly tidy up all the plot threads.

whats cookin 2

The episode has occasional moments where the cast would be fully capable of doing something better, but Adler never goes for it. He relies entirely on the predictable plotting. What’s Cookin’ is a MacGuffin in search of its host.

And Nelson’s really bad. He’s supposed to be creepy. Instead, he’s just bad. Some of it is Adler’s fault. But not much of it.

whats cookin 3

Reeve’s passable, though clearly just cashing a paycheck. Armstrong comes off the best, though still significantly weighed down by Alder’s lousy direction.

The funny thing is–Katz and Adler miss the most obvious twist to explore. Reeve’s always the patsy. There’s too much emphasis on Nelson to explore the possibilities of the tired concept. The majority of the actors in What’s Cookin’
deserve better engagement from the director. It should’ve been
much better with this cast.


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Tales From the Crypt S:04 E:06

  1. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I did. I thought Christopher Reeve gave a great comedic performance. Judd Nelson was a little bit overdone as the obvious miscreant drifter, but I thought it was all in good fun. Thanks for joining in, I really appreciate it!


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