31 Days of Tales From the Crypt: Top 10 Episodes with similar titles

Happy Halloween kiddies! Cryptkeeper Bubbawheat here with our final day of the 31 Days of Tales From the Crypt. It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s time for it to end. But instead of just looking at a single episode, I’m taking a look at a full 10 episodes. These 10 episodes are ones that have names that are quite similar even if the stories themselves don’t quite match up. They are ranked based on how similar their names are to each other. A couple have already been looked at earlier this month, but that’s ok. Hope you enjoy!

#10 & 9 Split Personality S:04 E:11 & Split Second S:03 E:11


These two titles don’t have a whole lot to do with each other aside from the fact that they both have the word “Split” in them, and the episodes are also quite different from each other. In Split Seconds, a bored waitress marries a lumberjack only to soon find herself bored once again. She uses the new hunk of meat in the lumberjack camp as sport only to find herself and her husband right in the middle of their next lumberjack games. Meanwhile, in Split Personality Joe Pesci finds himself smitten with a pair of twins, and when he realizes he can’t have both he decides that he won’t take that for an answer and creates his own identical twin. Only when the twins find out, they’re not willing to share him, and instead prefer to split him. Literally.

Winner: Split Personality by a ponytail

#8 & 7 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime S:06 E:01 vs. Fitting Punishment S:02 E:12


These two titles are pretty close since they more or less mean the same thing, they’re just worded differently. But they are worded quite differently. In Fitting Punishment, Moses Jones plays a skinflint mortician who is burdened with a teenager after a close relative passes away. And as he begets unjust punishments upon the boy for wasting his hard-earned money, he takes things too far and gets his own fitting punishment. Meanwhile, in Let the Punishment Fit the Crime, Catherine O’Hare is an ambulance chasing lawyer who gets caught in a podunk little town with Peter MacNicol as her court appointed lawyer. When she realizes that things are a whole lot stricter here than where she came from, she gets herself in over her head with judge after judge until she’s forced to do the worst kind of public service for all eternity.

Winner: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime by a business card

#6 & 5 This’ll Kill Ya S:04 E:02 & Easel Kill Ya S:03 E:08

Kill Ya

These titles also mean pretty much the same thing, only one is a play on words with the slight difference also being that the play is on “These’ll Kill Ya” instead of “This”. They are also the two titles that are the closest in terms of episodes, being only eight episodes apart. This’ll Kill Ya was covered this month and is one of my least favorite episodes where Dylan McDermott gets to play a consummate jerk in Cleavon Little’s last role where they are working on a drug that won’t kill him, but what he does next will. Meanwhile, Tim Roth plays a struggling artist who happens across a morbid scene of death which inspires a piece that actually sells. This creates a morbid escalation until he destroys the thing that he wanted the most and his art became his greatest downfall.

Winner: Easel Kill Ya by a painted mile

#4 & 3 Comes the Dawn S:06 E:13 & Came the Dawn S:05 E:10

the Dawn

These titles are pretty much exactly the same thing, but the only difference is that one is future tense while the other is past tense. In Comes the Dawn, Michael Ironside plays a bear poacher who gets more than he bargained for when he ends up being led into a lair of vampires by a wronged soldier who he inadvertently killed. And escape is futile as the dawn won’t come for another two months there in Northern Alaska. Meanwhile, Came the Dawn has Perry King picking up a hitchhiker played by Brooke Shields whose stolen truck broke down in the rain. Earlier in the episode we also saw a random woman killed by another woman in a bathroom stall. The episode plays it loose with who the killer might be until we find out it’s actually Perry King going Norman Bates on Shields.

Winner: Comes the Dawn by a snowfall

#2 & 1 Only Skin Deep S:06 E:02 & Only Sin Deep S:01 E:04


These two titles come the closest of any of the titles, as they are going for the same play on words, only the earlier episode removes a single letter. In Only Skin Deep, an abusive boyfriend crashes a costume party and ends up going home with a mysterious woman wearing a body bag played by Sherrie Rose. They go back to her place, have some angry sex and things get weird when he wakes up to find that she wasn’t wearing a mask, and she wants his face for her collection. Meanwhile, in Only Sin Deep Lea Thompson plays a prostitute with an awful accent who sells her beauty for some cash in order to shack up with a rich guy, when she forgets about her terms until after they come due, her beauty starts failing and she desperately tries to get it back only to come up with the short end of the stick.

Winner: Only Skin Deep by the letter K


4 thoughts on “31 Days of Tales From the Crypt: Top 10 Episodes with similar titles

    1. Yeah, there’s some good ones here in the mix. I really enjoyed Only Skin Deep which I watched just last night along with a few others from season 5 & 6 which I hadn’t seen before. Split Personality is a great one just because of Joe Pesci.

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