31 Days of Tales from The Crypt S:01 E:02

Greetings ghouls and gargoyles, this is Cryptkeeper Bubbawheat back once again for day 25 of our 31 Days of Tales From the Crypt. Today’s episode is brought to you by the Vern from Vern’s Video Vortex and The As You Watch Podcast where on the site he takes a look at films from the new to the trash bin and is always a blast to listen to on his podcast with a bunch of other people. But today he’s going back almost all the way back to the beginning, to one of the first season episodes, one that will get you into the spirit of the holiday. Christmas or Halloween, take your pick, it’s like the Nightmare Before Christmas in that way and not much else, just be sure to turn it up so you can hear it And All Through the House.

Episode Title: And All Through the House
Original Airdate: 6-10-89

and all through the house

Alright there ghouls and maniacs.  Even though it’s close to Halloween.  I thought I would share with you a tale from another season that can bring you the shivers and not just from the weather either.

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house.

The mom from The Goonies is seen killing her spouse.

Her daughter comes downstairs with thoughts of presents on her mind.

In hopes that old St Nick will make it to her house that night

Tales from crypt 2

But on the radio it has been announced.

Some whacked out mental case has just escaped from a mental house.

He has been seen dressed up like the jolly old fat man. we all know so well.

But this crazy mofo will send this lady straight to hell.

Things are turning out to be quite a stink.

There are some real problems for Lethal Weapon’s resident shrink.

She can’t call the cops or else she’ll be labeled as the villain.

She’ll haft to go up against Santa, who looks a lot like the bad guy from Darkman


The mom takes him out with the same weapon he heaves

and uses it to frame him for her dirty deeds.

But when she goes back to call the 5.0.

Santa is missing and the axe is no more.

While frantically searching for a weapon that is stronger then a broom.

Santa is seen climbing up to her daughter’s bedroom.

Excited as ever as a little child should be.

When the one that is called Santa is just within the little girl’s reach.

The mom makes it to her little girl’s room in time to make sure she doesn’t die.

Only to find out that Santa was there the whole time.

He didn’t make it to the window as she thought he would

but instead  was brought in by the front door because her daughter could.

And all that could be heard on that cold winter night.

Were the screams of that woman because she sure had quite a fright.

Tales 3

I have never seen Robert Zemeckis of Back to The Future and The Walk do anything in the horror genre before and he was pretty good at delivering some scares in this episode.  It does also help that the screenwriter is Fred Dekker of Monster Squad and Night of The Creeps fame.  So it has small touches of B movie tropes sprinkled throughout to not make it too scary.    A good balance of humor and horror is  all throughout this house.  Mary Ellen Trainor as the lead does do a good job with her part and I wish she would have got more lead roles before she passed away.  Larry Drake as the truly bad Santa was good but there really wasn’t much to do instead act like a crazy person.  It would be great if they started this series again.  Forget a reboot of X Files.  Bring this show back.


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Tales from The Crypt S:01 E:02

  1. It’s funny that the pictures you picked for this has her with her mouth open as wide as humanly possible. This was a lot of fun to read, thanks a lot for joining in, I really appreciate it!


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