The Punisher S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Resupply
Originally Aired: November 17th 2017

The fourth episode of The Punisher gave us our third director in Kari Skogland who is known for directing episodes of Amazon’s The Handmaidens Tale and Showtime’s The Borgias. I think she decided to focus a little more on the characters and less on the action than her predecessors. Continue reading The Punisher S:01 E:04


Punisher S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Kandahar
Originally Aired: November 17th 2017

This is the first of two episodes directed by Andy Goddard and because of a great show runner in Steve Lightfoot the differences from episode two to three were very minimal. It was hard to tell if the differences in the way action was portrayed was because of the way it was shot or just the story around it. Most of the episode takes place in Afghanistan, while Frank was still a soldier and not a revenge seeking missile, so it was a very different kind of combat for us to see on screen. Continue reading Punisher S:01 E:03

The Punisher S:01 E:02

Episode Title: Two Dead Men
Originally Aired: November 17th 2017

A tale of two dead men is not only the title of this episode, it is a word puzzle Frank shares with his children and the main components to this episode.  This is the second episode directed by Tom Shankland so it is very similar to last week’s episode in look and performance from the actors. Continue reading The Punisher S:01 E:02

Daredevil S:02 E:03

Originally Aired: March 18th 2016
Episode Title: New York’s Finest

This episode covered both ends of the spectrum; it started with long sequences of dialog and exposition and finished with the most action-filled scene of the series so far. We finally learn the Punisher’s first name, Frank, and that he believes he is doing what is right by preventing evil men from committing further atrocities. While I could always use more Foggy, this very good episode let us scratch the surface of what motivates our two heroes.

Continue reading Daredevil S:02 E:03

Daredevil S:02 E:01

Episode Title: Bang
Originally Aired: 3/18/2016

As temperatures climb tempers flare and as the title implies the new season of Daredevil starts with a bang. Season 2 picks up a short but indeterminate amount of time after the events of season 1, new cartels, mobs and criminals of every sort are out to fill the void left behind by the Kingpin and his associates. The city of Hell’s Kitchen is in the grips of a heat wave, things are about to boil over and Daredevil may not be the man for the job this time around.

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