The Punisher S:01 E:04

Episode Title: Resupply
Originally Aired: November 17th 2017

The fourth episode of The Punisher gave us our third director in Kari Skogland who is known for directing episodes of Amazon’s The Handmaidens Tale and Showtime’s The Borgias. I think she decided to focus a little more on the characters and less on the action than her predecessors.

sting operation

While the episode contained violence, it was almost exclusively off camera or implied. A scream off screen or blood covered implements of torture and a body being loaded into a wheel barrow instead of brutal blows raining down on Frank’s enemies. I don’t know if it is the writing or the directing but I don’t really understand some of Frank’s motivations in this episode. Is he trying to be a jerk, get leverage or is he being comforted by a pseudo family, and if it is the latter, what will it cost him.


This episode was less about pushing the plot forward than it was about preparing for what is to come instead of a lock and load scene like in Commando we got a lock and load episode. Frank and Lieberman are on the hunt for the tools they will need to complete their revenge plans. One of the standout scenes from this episode is when Lieberman leaves the comforts of his bunker and joins Frank in the field and gets a first-hand account of what damage his guidance can cause.

big bad billy

Madina is kind of getting on my nerves with her me against the world self-righteousness and I’m better than you, ego. Her actions towards the people on her side are as poor as the ones with people fighting against her, Sam and the others do not deserve that treatment. Her motivation is about to take a major turn after the events of this episode as she has a new trail to go down and ghosts to chase. After this week my confidence has increased that Billy will end up being a bad guy at some point this season. He is full of himself and building his own army that will undoubtedly face off against Frank and Micro and maybe Madina and all of the DHS if things go well for our anti-hero. I can’t wait to come back next week and see if his actions tonight lead to major consequences for other characters and if that will start his turn to the dark side.


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