Daredevil S:02 E:07

Episode Title: Semper Fidelis
Originally Aired: March 18th 2016

Semper fidelis is the motto of the United States Marine Core and is commonly shortened to just Semper Fi. A Latin phrase that means always loyal or always faithful, it is unclear who the title is referring to at this point in the season. Matt has always had issues with lying, which is starting to alienate those closest to him. Elektra is loyal to no one and nothing other than her current desires. Matt’s professional and personal relationships with Foggy and Karen are being negatively affected by his time as Daredevil. Last season he lost a chance with Claire, what could being the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen cost him this time around? Continue reading Daredevil S:02 E:07


Daredevil S:02 E:06

Episode Title: Regrets only
Originally Aired: March 18th 2016

This week sees the two main storylines of the season finally beginning to intersect. Elektra’s reasons for being in town and back in Matt’s life are becoming a little clearer and the hospitalized Punisher is awake and back in their lives as well. With a bogus public defender on the case, it falls to the law firm of Nelson and Murdock to take on the task of defending Frank Castle, the city’s most violent vigilante. Continue reading Daredevil S:02 E:06

Daredevil S:02 E:03

Originally Aired: March 18th 2016
Episode Title: New York’s Finest

This episode covered both ends of the spectrum; it started with long sequences of dialog and exposition and finished with the most action-filled scene of the series so far. We finally learn the Punisher’s first name, Frank, and that he believes he is doing what is right by preventing evil men from committing further atrocities. While I could always use more Foggy, this very good episode let us scratch the surface of what motivates our two heroes.

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Daredevil S:02 E:01

Episode Title: Bang
Originally Aired: 3/18/2016

As temperatures climb tempers flare and as the title implies the new season of Daredevil starts with a bang. Season 2 picks up a short but indeterminate amount of time after the events of season 1, new cartels, mobs and criminals of every sort are out to fill the void left behind by the Kingpin and his associates. The city of Hell’s Kitchen is in the grips of a heat wave, things are about to boil over and Daredevil may not be the man for the job this time around.

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:03 E:04

Episode Title: Attack of the Arachnoid

One of the hottest superhero shows right now is Marvel’s first collaboration with Netflix, Daredevil. So, the time is right for this classic Marvel character to put in an appearance on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. It turns out to be a very brief appearance, however, but we’ll take what we can get in this week’s episode Attack of the Arachnoid. Continue reading Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S:03 E:04

Daredevil S:01 E:08

Daredevil’s strongest aspect isn’t its brutal, well choreographed combat. It’s not the quippy and fun dialogue of the supporting cast. It’s sure as heck not the lead protagonist. It’s the villain… Wilson Fisk, more of an anti-villain than a villain, a hero of his own story. Today, his story gets explored fully, and we learn what makes him tick.

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Daredevil S:01 E:07

The overall pattern of Daredevil is starting to become clear. As we head into a largely stand-alone episode depicting Matt’s mentor and his early training, I have to make a decision… am I okay with the thinner, less interesting aspects of the show? Does the rest of it balance out that disappointment?

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Daredevil S:01 E:06

A tense hostage situation. A city-wide disaster zone. The situation has escalated from a series of single strikes against thugs into an all out war. But in a show that’s concerned with depicting events in a reasonable and realistic manner, is Daredevil going too far over the top at this point?

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Daredevil S:01 E:05

So the title for this one, “World on Fire,” refers to three seconds of a terrible CG effect depicting “What Daredevil ‘sees’.” Kinda like the bad CG overlays from the Ben Affleck movie. If you don’t mind, I’d like to propose a different motif for this episode… night and day. Two halves of Daredevil’s life, two concurrently running plots, and one specific problem with the show.

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Daredevil S:01 E:04

Didn’t you hear? The Cold War’s back in style. If you need a burly, manly, sadistic badass the first place to turn to is the great frozen state of Russia. Today, the two obligatory unhinged gangsters from the east are the focus of many beatings, and learn firsthand the durability of a good American-made SUV!

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