Daredevil S:02 E:06

Episode Title: Regrets only
Originally Aired: March 18th 2016

This week sees the two main storylines of the season finally beginning to intersect. Elektra’s reasons for being in town and back in Matt’s life are becoming a little clearer and the hospitalized Punisher is awake and back in their lives as well. With a bogus public defender on the case, it falls to the law firm of Nelson and Murdock to take on the task of defending Frank Castle, the city’s most violent vigilante.

Elektra is playing Matt there is no other way around it, I am sure everyone watching knows this and if any other characters were involved in this part of the plot they would tell him that. Since he has an unyielding faith that people can change and all people can be good he is going to begin to believe her and be blindsided again. She is playing the vigilante, which is right up Matt’s alley, by saying she is trying to discover what the Roxxon Corporation, and the Yakuza are up to. Why she will not just tell the police about her beliefs and share the little bit of evidence she has after removing all of the funding she has in the corporation is anyone’s guess.  She may just be the bored rich girl with nothing better to do than take on a deadly organization or two but I have serious doubts.

stolen goods

The fight choreography between Elektra and Matt is very good. She appears to be every bit as skilled and brutal as Daredevil if not more so. The only fault with the fighting is that the two of them are working flawlessly as a team instead of two people who have never fought together and have major trust issues. He has her back and she has his, they pull off complicated combo moves and switch effortlessly into disguises to avoid further fights. Elektra always goes by her own name but if she ever chose a codename, I would suggest Siren or something that would get across the same message. She is beautiful and alluring, you may be helpless to resist her, and it always ends with you being crushed. Elodie Yung seems to be the perfect casting; she plays the character with a mix of sexiness, intelligence, vulnerability, power and ruthlessness. The more screen time she gets the more you want her and it gets harder to believe that she is going to turn out bad.

double team

After meeting with the Punisher’s public defender to sign her statement of events that took place when the Punisher attacked Karen and Grotto at the hospital, Karen and Matt convince Foggy that they have to take on Frank’s case. For the first time Matt is involved in the dealings between their law firm and D.A. Reyes and he is able to get the upper hand which will do nothing but make her mad and force her to go after the tiny firm with even more vigor. While her skirting of legal ethics are upsetting throwing them in her face in a semi-public setting may not be the best strategy but Matt couldn’t help himself. After everything it isn’t Matt or Foggy that are able to get through to Frank but Karen and the picture of his family that she took from his home. He is passed the point of caring what happens to him he just wants time with the person who was most recently in his house so she can help him remember. The mix of anger, sadness and guilt that Frank feels over the death of his family is palpable. He blames himself for not being a good enough father and husband after his return from war and for his inability to protect them that day in the park. I do not know if we will ever find out what exactly happened at the carousel but I would say that getting a bullet to the brain would mean that you were somehow involved and that it should absolve some of his guilt. While Frank is able to win over Karen with his emotion and love for his family, she will never agree with his methods but knows that he was seeking justice in his own way. A sentiment that Matt shares with Foggy when trying to convince him to work for Frank. During their one on one discussion, Karen is unable to learn much more about why all of this may have happened to the Castle family so I imagine detective Karen will be on the case over the next couple of episodes. Karen’s relationship with matt is progressing smoothly they are not ready to define each other as boyfriend and girlfriend yet but that does not seem far off. They are already displaying affection in the form of handholding and kisses on the cheek in front of Foggy and talking about how they all share a tiny office so he will have to get used to it. It seems like the only thing that could derail the budding romance is Elektra or Matt lying about Elektra, I am not sure yet which thing will get him in trouble first because I am sure both will.

one on one

I love that this episode has more of my favorite character Foggy in it. However, it could just be preparing him to become the next Rodney Dangerfield because he gets no respect. Not from fellow lawyers like D.A Reyes, or their newest client Frank and not from Matt or Karen either. Reyes sees him as someone who is beneath her trying to block her way to her goals and she will crush him if he does not step aside. Frank thinks he defends scumbags and does not care that he is trying to protect him before kicking him out of the room to talk privately with Karen. Matt and Karen do not really care about Foggy’s point of view of letting Frank get what he deserves for all of his crimes and getting back to helping the people of Hell’s Kitchen. Since Karen is not a lawyer and Matt cannot stop running off with Elektra every time something big comes up all of the pressure is left on Foggy and they have no appreciation for that. They instead repay him by almost throwing their relationship in his face. Matt may be “blind” but even he has to see that Foggy has feelings for Karen. I doubt either of them are the oblivious to it and that could be shown by how flustered they get when he asks them what is going on after their quick kiss goodbye. Their response boiled down to we are not sure yet and either way shut up and deal with it. With this new facet, plus all of the professional stress and lack of funds our lawyers three better win big or the team will not be staying together. Karen and Matt may remain together as a duo driven by their sense of justice and guilt but who knows where Foggy would end up.

Will Matt and Elektra figure out what the Yakuza are up to and what will happen in the case of the state of New York vs Frank Castle? Find out on the next episode of Daredevil Semper Fidelis.


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