The Punisher S:01 E:02

Episode Title: Two Dead Men
Originally Aired: November 17th 2017

A tale of two dead men is not only the title of this episode, it is a word puzzle Frank shares with his children and the main components to this episode.  This is the second episode directed by Tom Shankland so it is very similar to last week’s episode in look and performance from the actors. Given that it is a series, things will only very so much but I hope to be able to notice subtle differences in how each director approaches the show. I won’t be too surprised if no one is able to match the brutality of the action scenes that Shankland presents us with. This episode is light on the action compared to last week but the fight is visceral and very well shot. It is also choreographed to a Frank Sinatra song whose crooner style is a nice dichotomy to what we are seeing.

karen is back

This episode features the return of Karen Page who was last seen in The Defenders Just a couple months ago. Karen can be a fun character when she is not playing high and mighty or trying to place false limitations on Matt because he is blind. She respects Frank more because he has full use of his sense but she likes to pretend that she has a problem with him killing people. It may not be her preferred outcome but it is acceptable because she knows he is taking out the bad guys. I knew she was going to make an appearance this season but I was surprised with how quickly it happened. Frank went six months with almost no contact but ran to her as soon as he had the smallest problem she might be able to help with.


Even though Frank went to Karen for help, one thing about the show that is bothering me after two episodes is how smart everyone is or how easily things come to them. Frank gets a strange phone call and knows exactly where to go within seconds. Karen spends an hour looking and finds all the information Frank could need to track down the man who found out he was alive. Lieberman has an abundance of technological and field skills that don’t really go together because they are very different specialties. I don’t mind them rushing through things if there are big plans for the future, but if we get a filler episode later in the season I will be disappointed. I would rather them take more time here and there, instead of having a complete episode where almost nothing happens.

Even though I do have some complaints I still have to say the show is great so far. The acting and the action on top of a well written story about good versus evil and the struggle soldiers go through after years of traumatic experiences is excellent. If this continues Netflix will have something really special on their hands that will be worthy of recognition.


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