SuperMansion S:01 E:09

Episode Title: Unfortunate Son
Originally Aired: 11/19/15

The newest episode of SuperMansion sees the team tackling many foes: disappointed parents, meaningless relationships, customer support and the Russian mob. Lex has the least to do in this episode, but she is not completely ignored, making it an engaging episode for fans of each hero.

Fed up with the team wasting money on general utilities, Rex institutes a mandatory 5 minute shower limit. He asks Jewbot to no longer fully charge himself every night, and to the dismay of Ranger, decides to cancel their cable subscription. Ranger, who finally discovered internet porn in the last episode, decided that the tiny screens of lap tops and tablets aren’t as good as a big screen TV and has been ordering dirty movie after dirty movie. Ranger’s bad habit has the already high cost of a cable, internet and land line package approaching a $1,000 bill. Like everyone who hasn’t decided to cut the cord or continually jump from company to company at the end of their promotional periods, Rex must deal with calling his cable provider. Cableverse, an obvious play on AT&T uverse, uses temporary loyalty packages, accidental disconnections and “let me talk to my manger” tactics to get Rex to continue his service.  Being a man with 1940’s sensibilities, though in a sexless and seemingly loveless marriage, Ranger refuses to divorce his wife. Unlike his wife, Ranger chooses not to have sex outside of his marriage, and instead, turns to porn and chronic masturbation to fulfill his sexual desires.  Unwilling to discuss things with his wife, Ranger follows Rex around trying to convince him to not get rid of cable.

Cooch and Brad continue the relationship they established in the last episode, but a relationship based solely on sex is not enough for Brad. That type of relationship is all Cooch really wants at the moment. She distracts Brad with sex and movies that may or may not be available on Crackle. (This was the second episode where the show mentions the network that airs it.) Most of Brad’s efforts to connect with Cooch on a deeper level fail, but by the end of the episode he does learn one personal and potentially racist fact about her.

The main story line of the episode centers around Saturn, who pulls in Jewbot and Lex for help. While trying to purchase some new tech that would make him a more successful dark avenger, Saturn learns that his parents have cut him off. He has been a perennial disappointment to his parents for insisting on running around town in a silly costume and working in a lowly government job. In order to show his parents that he is an adult who deserves his allowance, Saturn hatches a scheme that makes Lex his girlfriend and Jewbot his robotic man servant. Unimpressed, his parents tell him that they will reinstate his allowance if he can complete one 8-hour day of real work at one of their many companies, which include Cableverse, Octocorp and a corn dog restaurant.

saturns new job

While at Saturn’s parents’ home, we are introduced to Dudley, Saturn’s much younger brother, who is being raised almost solely by a nanny.

supermansion dudley

Dudley’s nanny failed to show up for work, and his parents are worried they will have to spend time with him, or make him a sandwich, and jump at the opportunity when Jewbot offers to watch the boy. During this episode we see Lex and Saturn bond over a mutual affection for the video game Fallout 4. One of them should take the time to introduce Ranger to the immersive RPG; he enjoys killing bad guys and the website Pornhub reported a drastic decrease in traffic the day the game was released. While babysitting, Jewbot takes Dudley out for ice cream in order to bond, and while on their way home, are confronted by the Russian mob and kidnapped.


Many surprising revelations are followed by threats of blackmail and violence against Jewbot, Dudley and his Nanny. As a last ditch effort, Jewbot is able to wirelessly send a distress signal to the mansion, but with Rex and Ranger fighting big business, Lex at yoga, Saturn out trying to prove he is an adult, and Bran and Cooch in a deep conversation…will anyone respond?

Will Rex ever stop getting the runaround? Will Brad and Cooch take their relationship to the next level?  And will Jewbot make it back to the mansion with out being disassembled? Find out the answer to all these questions while having a few laughs on an internet-connected device near you.





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