Batman S:03 E:02

Episode Title: Ring Around the Riddler
Original Airdate: September 21, 1967

Though season two of Batman had plenty of highlights, the absence of season one’s most prolific guest villain, Frank Gorshin’s Riddler, was definitely felt. Lucky for us, he’s back for season three. This time he’s got boxing on his mind in today’s episode, Ring Around the Riddler. Continue reading Batman S:03 E:02


Batman S:02 E:45

Episode Title: Batman’s Anniversary
Original Airdate: February 8, 1967

I’ve said many times that the highlight of Batman season one was Frank Gorshin’s performance as The Riddler. He took this, at the time, relatively minor Batman comics villain and turned him into one of the top mischief makers in the Gotham rogues gallery. Have you noticed that 44 episodes into season two we have yet to see the Prince of Puzzlers? Well, Gorshin was unavailable to continue the role during season two. We’ve already seen where the producers reworked Riddler into a new villain. Remember the Puzzler? Well, eventually the producers decided to bring the character back, but they would have to use another actor. Enter John Astin of Addams Family fame in today’s episode, Batman’s Anniversary. Continue reading Batman S:02 E:45

Batman S:01 E:32

Episode Title: The Riddler’s False Notion
Original Airdate: April 28, 1966

When we last left Gotham City, Robin had been captured by the Riddler and is now strapped to a conveyor belt, moving slowly toward a rotating saw blade in the style of a silent melodrama. How will Batman be able to locate and save the Boy Wonder? Let’s find out in today’s episode, The Riddler’s False Notion. Continue reading Batman S:01 E:32

Batman S:01 E:31

As much as I enjoy classic TV shows like Batman, I love classic movies more. I’ve always been especially intrigued by the silent comedians from the early days of cinema. Well, today’s episode of Batman shows us that one of Gotham’s ultimate criminals also has an interest in silent movies. The Riddler, played by Frank Gorshin, makes his fourth and final appearance of season one in today’s episode, Death in Slow Motion. Continue reading Batman S:01 E:31

Batman S:01 E:23

Episode Title: The Ring of Wax
Original Airdate: March 30, 1966

I’ve mentioned before how the Riddler was not one of Gotham’s A-list villains when the Batman TV series debuted. However, the producers of the show saw the great potential in this character. In the first season he showed up more times than any other member of the rogues gallery, with 4 stories (8 episodes). This week brings us the start of his third appearance with the creepily titled episode The Ring of Wax. Continue reading Batman S:01 E:23

Gotham S:01 E:20

Episode Title: Under the Knife
Original Airdate: 4-20-15

When we last left our heroes, Gordon was tricked into a case involving a serial killer who goes after the loved ones of any cop who gets too close to solving his crimes, and even when he found this out he continued his investigation into Milo Ventimiglia’s Ogre. We also get a little bit further into the plots of the Penguin, the Bat and the Cat, and the Riddle Man. It’s one of the darker episodes on several fronts and I generally enjoyed it. There’s even the return of Barbara who gets to show a little bit more bite to her character that has been severely lacking in this show from the very beginning. Hopefully she either bites it, or comes into some serious character growth because that has been one of the many missteps this show has taken from the start. And sadly, we don’t get to find out the fate of poor, poor, Fish Mooney who was left with a possibly fatal injury while escaping from the island of Dr. Mor-err-Dollmaker.
Continue reading Gotham S:01 E:20