Preacher S:01 E:02

Episode Title: See
Originally Aired: June 5th 2016

Two episodes in and the best way to sum up Preacher is baffling but fun. My main hope for the second episode of Preacher was that it would slow down, be a little more focused, and begin to unravel the story that will be told over the 10-episode season. It was not better by leaps and bounds but it was an improvement over last week. Instead of splitting the story almost in thirds, it strongly focuses on Jesse with Tulip and Cassidy acting as supporting characters. Continue reading Preacher S:01 E:02


Upfronts: What’s Cancelled, Renewed, & Picked Up

I don’t do too much news here on the site for a few different reasons. One is that news is such a fast paced thing that one minute it’s news and the next minute it’s old hat. There’s plenty of other sites out there that have the ability to cover news as its happening in enough detail to get the whole story. For my part, I share as much news as possible (from official sources) on our Twitter feed. But this week there has been a whole lot of news about next year’s shows. Plenty of shows have been renewed and a few have been picked up and I thought I’d take a bit more of a look at the fate of all the shows we cover and will cover right here.
Continue reading Upfronts: What’s Cancelled, Renewed, & Picked Up