The Walking Dead S:07 E:08


Episode Title: Hearts Still Beating
Original Airdate: 12-11-16

Since we checked in with everyone this week, and it was a 90-minute mid-season finale, there is a lot to cover. First, over at the Kingdom (or just outside at Carol’s new place), Richard pleads with Carol and Morgan to convince Ezekiel to attack the Saviors before their deal turns sour and the Kingdom falls. Both refuse to help and Carol demands to be left alone, which would totally be me in the zombie apocalypse. Actually, that’s pretty much me now.

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Fear the Walking Dead S:02 E:07

FTWD S2 Logo

Episode Title: Shiva
Original Airdate: 5-22-16

After copy-catting a huge plotline from TWD’s second season, FTWD had a lot to make up for in this mid-season finale. After discovering that Strand killed a dying Abigail, housekeeper Celia tells him he and the others have a day to pack up and leave. Nick goes back to the boat to fetch a turned Luis and bring him back to his mother to soften her on the eviction. She decides everyone can stay, except Strand, as long as they accept her ways. Madison tells Celia she wants to understand, so Celia leads her to the wine cellar full of Infected. While Celia monologues about her religious beliefs, Madison locks her in the cellar and walks away.

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iZombie S:02 E:09

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Cape Town
Original Airdate: 12-8-15

This week Liv rides the recent superhero wave as she dons a mask to fight crime in Seattle. Not that she doesn’t already fight crime in Seattle, but she’s not normally as theatrical about it. The brain-of-the-week was a high school shop teacher by day, masked crime fighter by night. He ended up in a dumpster, bludgeoned to death after trying to help a mugging victim. When Liv and Babineaux find out that he was also putting together a team of other self-proclaimed superheroes to stop crime lord Stacy Boss (the one Peyton’s been investigating) from importing illegal firearms, Liv joins the fight but causes far more trouble than expected. Babineaux has had enough of her antics and says she can no longer work cases with him. She then goes home and breaks up with Major, because he doesn’t understand that the wacky traits she takes on from eating brains is now a part of who she is.

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The Walking Dead S:06 E:08

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Start to Finish
Original Airdate: 11-29-15

After the fall of the Alexandria wall, everyone flees to safety. Carol and Morgan make it into an unfinished house. While running Carol fell and hit her head, so Morgan is concerned she may have a concussion. She fakes weakness and dashes to the basement where Morgan left the Wolf, alone with Dr. Denise. Carol tries to kill him, but , after a standoff with Morgan, he knocks her out, then the Wolf knocks out Morgan with his own stick. Tara, Rosita and Eugene (the voice calling “help” on the walkie two weeks back)  rush in, as they were trapped in the garage of the same house upstairs, to see the Wolf leaving with Dr. Denise as a shield, not caring whether he (or she) lives or dies at the hands of the horde.

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Constantine S:01 E:08

Episode: The Saint of Last Resorts
Original Airdate: 12-12-14

And onto the final cliffhanger midseason finale of the year with the on-the-bubble Constantine. I have been enjoying this show for the most part since it started, it has one of the more morally ambiguous leads than any of the other shows so far aside from possibly Arrow which I don’t actually watch. The monster of the episode this week is one of the Garden of Eden’s Eve’s sisters who is more or less some type of vampire demon who steals a couple babies from the same family. And of course, it turns out that this family has ties to an ancient horror that has been thought long extinct, so much so that Constantine has no idea how to fight it. So of course, that is what is apparently responsible for the rising darkness which aims to destroy the barrier between the spirit world and the real world. Which is unfortunate because that is one of the most cliched storylines when it comes to these types of demon hunter or spirit hunter stories and most of this show has felt better than that. I imagine there’s still a way to spin that story into something interesting, but if I’m not that interested in the impending doom that’s supposed to befall our mighty heroes, then I’m less interested in the show overall. Meanwhile, there’s also the story of Zed who has been left behind while Constantine and Chas goes off to Mexico, even though yet another one of Zed’s talents is the ability to speak fluent Spanish. Or at least passable Spanish as she only speaks a couple lines to Constantine to show off. Anyway, it’s been hinted at in previous episodes that someone close to Constantine will betray him and last episode we saw that there is someone after her. And they finally come to get her here, even though she supposedly would have been safe if she had listened to Constantine and stayed inside the house. We also get to meet another one of Constantine’s old mates who was with him during the botched Exorcism in Newcastle. Anne Marie has a few tricks up her sleeve, though she has since joined a convent and is now a nun in the service of the Lord. Once the monster has been revealed and the plan is in place, Constantine once again tries going the same route he did with Gary in the Feast of Souls episode, but Anne Marie is a bit too smart for that and sees what he is trying to do immediately. And in fact, she actually turns the tables on him near the end of the episode, leaving him shot while some sort of weird looking demon is making his way towards them so that she can escape safely with the two babies. It’s a decent cliffhanger but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t as into the episode as I had been so far. And it didn’t help that it is a two part episode, though it’s helped a little bit that this seems to be one of the first shows out of the gate next year along with Gotham, coming back in the second week of January while the other shows don’t start up again until late January or February, and there’s still no date set that I know of for the new show iZombie. But hopefully the latter half of Constantine is able to pick things up because I still think it has promise and is worthy of more than just 13 episodes.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S:02 E:09 & E:10

Episode: …Ye Who Enter Here
Original Airdate: 12-2-14
Episode: What They Become
Original Airdate: 12-9-14

I know, I’m a week behind on this, but it just slipped my mind. It’s not because of the lack of interest because I’ve been enjoying the second season quite a bit. The characters have really meshed well together, the story arc is getting interesting, and I keep hearing good things about what’s going on. I will be combining these two episodes as I watched them back to back and am not entirely sure where one episode ends and the other begins anymore in my memory. This marks the return of Rayna who was left to run off into the wild so that she could more or less lead S.H.I.E.L.D. to Whitehall because he was after her. One of the best parts of the moment where Rayna gets recaptured by S.H.I.E.L.D. is the return of Patton Oswald as the Koenig triplets who are down to two, though there’s a question as to whether there are more brothers out there that we haven’t been introduced to yet. With all of the action going on and the politics between Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D, the comic relief of Patton Oswald is worth the minor budgetary special effects used in order to sell the twin effect. I loved the little jokes that he kept doing like when he said there were thirteen of them, and then later when his brother was off screen he joked that he had to recharge his batteries. There’s also a great moment of return of Agent 33 who still has the technology that gave her Agent May’s face and voice, although because of the electrocution from their earlier fight it apparently is permanently fused to her face, only there’s a large burn scar on one side and the voice modulation isn’t working correctly. Although I imagine that part of that is so that Ming Na can get a little bit more screen time as well as the chance to play a villain because she is so great at being the badass. And now that the team dynamic has shifted in season 2, she hasn’t had nearly as many opportunities to be that badass, especially since Skye has started to transition more into that role herself. And she gets a great chance to kick some major ass here during a fight with Agent 33, though she doesn’t come through it completely unscathed. But some of the major relationship issues get resolved here in the midseason finale portion. Skye gets one of the greatest moments with Ward when he starts working with her again, and she just shoots him the moment she gets a chance to, even though he does manage to survive. It really shows a lot of growth for Skye’s character compared to how she started out in the first season. There’s also the slight surprising moment where Whitehall gets shot by Coulson, not only that, but he shoots him right before Skye’s father gets his moment of revenge for the death of his wife and Skye’s mother. Or technically Daisy’s mother. I must say that I almost expected during the moment when Skye’s father starts humming “Bicycle Built for Two” and Skye says that she had heard that song before, I totally expected her to say something along the lines of “that space movie with that psycho HAL computer”. And we finally get to see what’s inside the buried alien city which is mainly just a lot of weirdness, and we do earlier get to find out that the aliens definitely are the Kree who play an important part in the Marvel universe, though I personally don’t exactly know what that part is. It’s sad to see Agent Triplett go, but I am curious to see what the future holds for Skye and Rayna in the latter half of the show.

The Flash S:01 E:09

Episode: The Man in the Yellow Suit
Original Airdate: 12-9-14

It’s probably been discussed quite a bit in the other TV circles that I don’t quite follow myself over who Dr. Wells really is considering the rather big, and yet somewhat unsurprising reveal at the end of this episode. From the very beginning of the show, it’s been leading up to the reveal of who the man in the yellow suit is, and even though we get to see him, and we know that he is very closely tied to Dr. Wells, we still don’t really know anything about him at all aside from the fact that he is essentially the Reverse Flash. He’s faster than Barry, he’s much more experienced at being a speedster than Barry, and he’s obviously much more ruthless than Barry. And yet, he doesn’t seem to want to see Barry dead either or else he likely would have killed him fairly early on in the episode. I absolutely loved seeing Amanda Pays reprise her role as Tina McGee. One of the things that I loved about Smallville was how they would give actors from previous incarnations of the character new roles in their own timeline, like Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain. Here, the main characters from the 1990’s Flash are returning to play essentially the same characters, only with a bit of a spin on them. John Wesley Shipp has had a recurring role as Barry’s father, Mark Hamill is set to reprise his role as an older Trickster already in jail, and here Amanda Pays reprises her role as Tina McGee. Only instead of working for Star Labs, she’s working for rival company Mercury Labs, which is obviously a nice little play on things as Mercury is the messenger god known for his speed. As far as the episode as a whole, it was generally great though it felt like it didn’t answer enough questions, or have any real resolution. I suppose that’s the intention of a midseason cliffhanger style finale, but it was still a bit of a letdown. I haven’t read further into it, but I imagine that the best theory is that Dr. Wells is in fact a speedster, but he’s not the man in the yellow suit, instead he likely wears a red suit just like Barry, which could mean that he is one of the other Reverse Flashes as there are several, or he could be connected in some way to Bart Allen since he is likely from the future. But in general, that is the kind of thing that this show is good at, creating theories that may or may not be correct, it’s quite fun to guess at what direction this show is going to take next and I can’t wait until its return.

Gotham S:01 E:10

Episode: Lovecraft
Original Airdate: 11-24-14

I’ve gone on quite a bit about how I go back and forth on episodes of Gotham, often even within a single episode. But more than any other show this season, Gotham is the one that keeps me coming back week after week and is the one show that I tend to watch same day rather than waiting a day or two to go back to it. And it felt like this episode really paid off and was the show firing on all cylinders. Nearly every character that I have been iffy on came back in a strong way here, and the characters that I have always enjoyed really got a chance to show their stuff. Alfred was a real powerhouse, and I really enjoyed the chemistry he had with Donal Logue’s Bullock. Baby Bruce has been a bit of a weak spot in my eyes, but I thought that this episode finally gave him something interesting to do in a way that didn’t feel overly forced. There’s also a great chemistry between little Bruce and little Cat that hits the right notes of a childhood romance combined with the elements of who they will become in future Gotham City. In a show not known for its subtlety, it felt like it finally started to get the right balance of foreshadowing without hitting people over the head, like with Ivy’s brief moment in the show. And to wrap up the episode, Richard Kind gave a great performance as the Mayor. There were a few moments within the episode that I had issues with, like Harvey Dent still rubs me the wrong way, and I was not fond of the female assassin who only cared about her target, but made some odd decisions. As for the ending, I’m curious about shifting the focus more onto the newly reopened Arkham Asylum, but if they can give me more episodes like this one, I’ll be happy.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S:01 E:10

Episode: The Bridge
Original airdate: 12-10-13

After a week off, S.H.I.E.L.D. Is back for it’s midseason finale before taking a month or so hiatus. Which made me wonder how long has “midseason finale” even been a thing? But that’s a topic for another day. Anyway things ramp up and a bunch of threads finally start coming together before leaving us with a slight plot twist and a cliffhanger ending. As a “midseason finale” there are some expectations more or less that it is going to be a big episode and I do think that it delivers on pretty much all counts. There’s also quite a bit of recapping which makes this episode a good jumping-on point if you’ve been avoiding the show before now. The action is better, the villains are interesting and not a “freak of the week”, the callbacks are nice choices, and there’s even time for a little bit of character development and progression of lingering mysteries. If the rest of the season can keep up this quality, then we’re in for a good ride.
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