Arrow: S:03, E:22


Episode Title: This is Your Sword

Original Airdate:05-06-15

While Season 3 has been a mixed bag since Oliver’s death, I was a huge fan of this week’s show, which finally paid off some lingering storylines and sets up a dramatic season finale. Continue reading Arrow: S:03, E:22


Arrow S:03 E:21

Episode Title: Al Sah-Him
Original Airdate: 4-29-15

Season 3 has had a number of rough patches — Roy’s abrupt departure, the back and forth with Team Arrow missing Oliver, the nothing happening Hong Kong flashbacks — but this week felt like a much-needed step in the right direction as we head to the final two episodes. And with so much happening tonight, it almost seemed like these events in both current and flashback time could have used more episodes to develop.

The big development was Oliver has been fully ingrained as a League of Assassin thanks to a strict brainwashing regiment. Oliver has no remorse and little concern for his old way of life so when Ra’s tests him and Oliver sees a vision of Diggle, Oliver kills him without hesitation. It was presumably a LOA member that got on Ra’s bad side, but you know it’s effective brainwashing when Oliver is killing again.

Arrow - Al Sah-Him - Arrow as Al Sah-HimRa’s sends Oliver to bring back Nyssa so he can eliminate the only rival to his claim as heir to the demon so Team Arrow has to defend their unlikely ally from their former leader. It’s a nice shake-up and I wish there was more time to explore this subplot as Oliver shows no sign of his former self even going so far as to kidnap Lyla to force Nyssa to turn herself in.

I loved how the show worked in Laurel’s Canary Cry. It makes perfect sense and works in the context of the show. Roy’s absence was especially felt this time to the point I wished his exit was saved for the season finale after Team Arrow dealt with Dark Arrow. Fortunately Thea is ready to lend a hand, or arrow to help her friends and send her brother and his new henchmen back to Ra’s with Nyssa in tow. Thankfully Felicity didn’t keep Thea in the dark any longer about Roy still being alive.

The Hong Kong flashbacks finally got some payoff. Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu stop Shrieve’s men from spreading the Alpha/Omega bioweapon, but not before Maseo and Tatsu’s son, Akio, starts showing signs that he’s been infected.

Arrow - Al Sah-Him - Diggle and Black CanaryBack to the present day, Ra’s reveals he doesn’t want Oliver to kill Nyssa. Removing a vial from her sword base, Ra’s instead wants Oliver to marry her — oh and use the recovered Alpha/Omega drive on Starling City. Will Oliver regain his sense before or after consummating the marriage and creating a little Damian Queen?

I’m digging the new status quo even if Team Arrow isn’t and I’m fascinated in seeing what goes down in these final two episodes. Should be a lot of fun!

Arrow S:03 E:09

Episode: The Climb
Original Airdate 12-10-14

Silly me. I thought “Arrow vs. Flash” was last week, but DC’s top 2 comic book TV shows played another game of “can you top this?” Just as it seemed like the Flash vs. Reverse Flash confrontation gave Team Flash a seemingly insurmountable advantage, we get a jam-packed episode filled with major revelations after major revelations, Oliver vs. Ra’s al Ghul, the debut of A.T.O.M. and that insane cliffhanger making it clear that “Arrow” once again established itself as the king of the TV comic book shows.  Continue reading Arrow S:03 E:09