Arrow: S:03, E:22


Episode Title: This is Your Sword

Original Airdate:05-06-15

While Season 3 has been a mixed bag since Oliver’s death, I was a huge fan of this week’s show, which finally paid off some lingering storylines and sets up a dramatic season finale.

Early on, we learn Oliver has been in cahoots with Malcolm and you know … not actually plotting to kill all of his friends, marry Nyssa and destroy Starling City. I’ve read some folks are upset this reveal wasn’t stretched out a bit more, but Oliver undercover had gone as long as it needed since we all knew Oliver wasn’t going to be the villain on his own show. Besides, we’d already had too much of an Arrow-less ‘Arrow’ so getting back to some semblance of the norm is necessary.

Malcolm has a bit more trouble convincing Team Arrow and it was odd that Oliver’s secret weapon was having Tatsu/Katana talk to them. So it’s off to another flight to Nanda Parbat and a throwdown with the League. Tatsu was in full Katana costume and she battled Maseo to the death. It was a touching moment as Maseo died in her arms. It was a double whammy for Maseo fans as in our flashback, Oliver and Maseo try to get a cure from Shrieve in order to save Akio. They return too late and Shrieve tells them there is no cure. This would prove important later.

Laurel holds her own better this time out, but Malcolm is still playing babysitter for both her and Felicity, who hilariously thought she took out an assassin with her laptop. Ray arrived in his ATOM gear to take down Ra’s jet carrying the Alpha Omega, but it was an elaborate ruse as Ra’s and Oliver emerge with another legion of League assassins.

arrow-this-is-your-sword-felicity-oliver-and-laurelWhile Team Arrow is locked in Ra’s dungeon, Thea went to visit Roy, who is now working as a mechanic, and give us a more appropriate farewell for the series regular. It was much more fitting closure than the ride off into the night. Roy doesn’t want Thea living the fugitive life with him and heads up, but suggests she keep his Arsenal costume suggesting that now Thea will be Speedy.

In the dungeon, Oliver asks Team Arrow to trust him, but finds Diggle less than willing after Oliver kidnapped Lyla. Malcolm outs Oliver’s deception to Ra’s and Oliver’s loyalty is fully tested as Ra’s shatters a vial of Alpha Omega into their now sealed prison. As Team Arrow passes out, Oliver and Nyssa get married.

CW was a bit too eager in teasing the season finale revealing more than necessary as it ruined a bit of the terrific suspense from this excellent cliffhanger. Next week, Ra’s and Oliver battle over Starling City!


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