Webseries: Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters

Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters Season 1
Original Airdate: 8-10-15

I’m a little bit behind on this, but before the premier of Heroes Reborn I wanted to talk a little bit about this webseries that intends to bridge the gap between the original run of Heroes and the new series. I did watch it a couple weeks back but hadn’t gotten around to writing about it until now. The series mainly focuses on a single character Phoebe and her journey of exploring her powers before getting caught up in some of the conspiracy that will likely be explored in more detail in the series proper. I did enjoy it, especially since it does take a look at a couple more normal characters, and when I say normal I mean that they aren’t movie star level attractive, the actors in the two main roles are much more like average people. It’s just that one of them happens to be able to control light and shadow. This was a six episode webseries and while it has been uploaded on YouTube, I will just be embedding the first episode in this review, the rest can be watched on YouTube or on NBC.com.
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