The Six Million Dollar Man S1:01

Episode: Population: Zero
Original Airdate: 01/18/1974

OK! Here we go with the regular TV series eps! As of this writing, I’ve watched about three of these things and these are a lot more fun than the Pilot movies. I think they were probably feeling good about their product now so they could have some more fun and didn’t have to draw the program out for two hours. (I don’t think the shorter run time is hurting anything either). Let’s see what we’ve got here…

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The Six Million Dollar Man Movie:03

Episode: The Solid Gold Kidnapping
Original Airdate: 11/17/1973

This is the end of the “pilot movies” where I guess Universal had been slutting it around, trying to see how many viewers it affected before deciding to turn it into a full time TV show. In this one, you might think it’s the exact same plot as Movie Pilot # 1 – Steve Austin is forced into duty to save another high ranking US official from terrorists – but this one has a twist!! This time he’s not in the Middle East, see!!??!! This time the terrorists aren’t terrorists, they’re members of an elite criminal organization known as the OSO and the specialize in kidnapping high ranking officials and extorting governments for MILLIONS of dollars!! WHOO HOOO! Go Team USA to stop these suckers! let’s see what we’ve got…

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The Six Million Dollar Man Movie:02

Episode: Wine, Women and War
Original Airdate: 10/20/73

Here we go with “Pilot Movie Number 2” – I don’t remember this one either since it came out when I was 2. I might have watched it as an infant but I don’t remember much from that year. What I do know from that time of my life is that was after my birth father left me and mom – Easy Rider style – so my mom was going around trying to find a new husband to take care of me, so I lived with my Grandparents most of the time. That being the case, I probably watched a LOT of Johnny Carson, All in the Family and Liberace specials.  And The Carol Burnett show. And Sonny & Cher. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

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